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Crazy About Cats-Nine Breeds to Consider

Everybody knows it–the internet is crazy about cats! Even though TAILored Pet Services is primarily a dog walking company, we love cats too so we’ve assembled a list of nine cat breeds for your reading pleasure.

  1. Persian: Classy and oh-so-soft: that’s what we think of when we think “Persian”. These cats have reasonably long life spans–which means more time to enjoy their squishy faces. They won’t climb all over and their voices are quiet and actually delightful–the downside is (you guessed it) all that hair. The puffy fluff of the Persian requires regular bathing and daily brushing to keep from getting tangled.
  2. Sphynx: While many people think Sphynx cats look like aliens, we can’t get enough of them. First “discovered” in Toronto, Canada, these hairless beauties aren’t as delicate as they look, aside from an understandable vulnerability to cold. Sphynx cats come in all the kitty colors and patterns you can imagine, due to the coat patterns of “normal” cats reflecting their skin color to begin with. Plus, who can say no to those wrinkles?
  3. Manx: We may just be suckers for stubby little tails, but the full-bred Manx is truly a sight to behold. These little nubs are natural mutations that harken back to their ancient roots on the Isle of Man. Manxes were actually one of the first cat breeds to be shown! The best part about them is the way the Cat Fanciers Association describes their body: “These cats can actually be drawn with a series of circles.” Big, round heads are definitely where it’s at.
  4. Scottish Fold: Have you ever seen a Scottish Fold that didn’t look surprised? We haven’t. This floppy-eared breed originated from a single farm cat in 1961! Kittens are born with straight ears, and due to the fold not being an incomplete dominant gene (meaning that it doesn’t totally override the gene for straight ears) it’s sort of a surprise whether or not the kittens’ ears curl over! These are calm, adaptable cats that we just love to love.
  5. Abyssinian: The Abyssinian is an ancient looking breed, but no one quite knows where they come from. A buyer’s guide for Abyssinian kittens by Carolyn Osier describes them as “a very people-oriented cat. Not a lap cat…but a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing – that wants to help.” They look as sharp as can be and have ears like satellite dishes, so they get our vote!
  6. Siamese: The Siamese: probably one of the most well-known breeds of cat thanks to their unique face and distinctive markings (being featured in Lady and the Tramp helped too). These cats are large, loveable and have a lot to say. The first Siamese cat here in America was a gift to President Hayes all the way back in 1878! Since then, these cats have been at the top of pretty much every most-popular list.
  7. Devon Rex: The companionship of a Devon Rex is really something everyone should experience once in their lives. That curly coat is an absolute joy to pet. What’s interesting about this breed is that they’re basically spunky dogs in little cat bodies–the Devon Rex is loyal and needs your companionship, will probably learn tricks, and loves to play fetch. We hear they also like to steal food, so be careful!
  8. Main Coon: Look at all that hair. We could stare at the Maine Coon forever and never get bored. Every bit of this cat’s appearance is a survival adaptation, building the perfect feline to hunt in the Maine wilds. These gentle giants are charming and sometimes nosy, but (and here comes the amazing part) they love to swim! Their coats, though luxurious, are low-maintenance, and the grooming that IS necessary will be a welcome addition to the attention your cat is already getting!
  9. American Shorthair: The American Shorthair is about as much of a cat as you’re going to get! This is another one of those breeds that shows up in the most-popular-cats list every year, probably due to their longevity (they easily live up to at least 15 years of age) and their low-maintenance coat. When you think “cat” the image that pops into your head is likely that of an American Shorthair.

And always remember: rescue is an option; PAWS, Everett Animal Shelter, and NOAH are available to help with your adoption needs.

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