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How many dogs do you walk at a time?
Providing personal attention for your dog is our priority; therefore, our walkers only walk two dogs from the same household at one time. If you have more than two dogs or prefer your dogs to be walked separately, we can divide your scheduled time to accommodate this situation.
Will TAILored Pet Services (TPS) cancel on us?

TPS has been in business since May 2011 and has NEVER cancelled a scheduled service for any of our clients. The benefit of hiring a professional dog walking company is you have a team to take care of you and your furry baby. If your primary walker is not available, an educated substitute walker will come instead.

How are TPS’ professional sitters/dog walkers selected?

We receive many applications from pet lovers wanting to become part of the Tailored Pet Services team, but only a few are accepted. Our rigorous requirements include a comprehensive application, multiple phone interviews, in person interview, dog walking test and finally a federal background check. Once hired, our dog walkers are taught safe dog walking procedures before starting to walk dogs unsupervised. Our thoroughness, attentiveness and special formula for providing premium pet care ensures your furry baby will be well taken care.

How are visits timed?
Visit length starts the moment our dog walker unlocks the door to your home and ends when she relocks the door after providing service. In between these times, she will take Fido out to go potty/take him for a walk, refill his water/feed (if necessary), towel dry on rainy/snow days and write a note about their adventure together.
How do you ensure my dog’s safety?
Our top concern is your pet’s safety so all of our walkers are certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. Before the first walk, we confirm the personalities of the dog and walker are a good match. During the visit, the walker will always stay with Fido so he is never unattended, she will walk him on-leash in areas you specify, and she will cross the street when another dog/owner approaches to avoid an altercation.
What types of payment do you accept and when is payment due?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and checks. Your security is important to us so your credit card information is encrypted so only the last 4 digits are visible in our records and our scheduling software program securely stores your payment information for us. Around the 15th of each month, you will receive an emailed invoice for the next month. On the first of the month, your credit card on file will be charged for the current month’s walks. If paying by credit card is a problem, we can make arrangements for you to mail checks directly to the corporate office by the first of the month. Sometimes your pay periods don’t match with paying on the first of the month. Let us know and we’ll move your payment to later in the month.
Why are daily cat pet sitting visits required?

Sometimes, we receive vacation requests to visit cat clients every 2-3 days. At Tailored Pet Services (TPS), we insist on a minimum of once a day visits because of the numerous ways your cats’ safety may be compromised if not visited daily. For more information, read our blog article: Why are daily cat pet sitting visits required?

How do you access my home?

We request three keys so we have one for the primary walker, back-up walker and owner. The extra two keys are used to continue service if your primary walker becomes ill. If giving us three keys is impossible, you will be charged a pick up and drop off charge ($15 each).

If you have a door code or plan to be home when service provided, no key is necessary; however, we aren’t responsible if we can’t access home because of door code mechanical failure or no one answers the door.

Do you charge a holiday fee?
We take care of pets 365 days a year and charge a holiday fee of 25% per visit on the following holidays: Memorial Weekend, Independence Day Weekend, Labor Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, and holiday week (usually three days before Christmas and one day after New Year’s Day). We charge extra to reward our employees for sharing their holiday time with our furry clients.
What services are included with a vacation visit?

Pet Sitting Tasks
• Food and Fresh Water
• Potty break in fenced yard (walks extra)
• Administer medication (no injections)
• Litter box scooped, pet waste removal
• Treats for good pets (if allowed)
• Provide love and attention for them as if they were our own
• Clean-up pet messes (vomit & potty accidents)
• Observing pet’s mood, health, well-being and safety
• Visit log

Household Tasks
• Water indoor plants
• Alternate blinds and lights
• Pick up mail, newspapers, flyers and packages
• Check overall security of your home
• Transport the trash cans/recycle bins to/from curb
• Sweep and/or vacuum after your pet (if equipment provided)

Is Tailored Pet Services similar to on-demand dog walking apps like Rover and Wag?

Both apps are tech companies who act as a middleman between customer and sitter so quality is dependent on the sitter/not company. Tailored Pet Services strives to build strong relationships with your family and we promise to resolve problems promptly. Both apps hire independent contractors which prevents training and oversight. Tailored Pet Services hires employees and continuously trains/develops them to ensure quality care, and offer a money back guarantee. For more differences, read our blog article: Professional Vs. Hobby Pet Sitter

What are the benefits of a dog walker versus a doggie daycare?

Many dog owners consider Fido and Spot important family members so the decision to sign up them for doggie daycare or hiring a dog walker for them is a significant one. The first step is determining if they are suitable candidates for doggie daycare. Suitable characteristics: (1) good physical health, (2) spayed/neutered, (3) enjoy socializing in a pack and being around other dogs, (4) comfortable in new environments or (5) content around unfamiliar dogs and people. If they don’t fit this criteria, hiring a dog walker may be the better choice. For more information to help you make a decision, read our blog article: Daycare: Is Your Dog Is an Ideal Candidate?

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?
We are registered and licensed to do business in the State of Washington. Also, we have business services bond which protects our customers from loss as a result of theft committed by an employee. In addition, we have an insurance policy double what is offered from an on-demand dog walking app (policy covers damage to property and pets in our care). Because we hire employees, your sitter is covered under Washington State’s worker’s compensation if injured while on the job.
Do you hire independent contractors or employees?
TAILored Pet Services (TPS) only hires employees because we want the ability to train our staff to provide the premium service our clients expect. TPS employees are trained to follow policies outlined in our Employee Handbook and must take a Pet First Aid/CPR class after they are hired. In addition, our employees are covered under our insurance/disability bond plus worker’s comp in case they are injured while providing pet care.
How do I know the walker came?

We always leave a progress report after each visit; however, we can also send you a text message with a photo letting you know we came so you have peace of mind through the rest of your day.

Will the same walker/sitter come each time?
You will be assigned a primary walker/sitter to ensure consistency; however, if your primary person is unavailable, an educated substitute will cover.
What is your cancellation policy?

We require cancellations be received by text/phone/email and in order to best serve our client’s needs, our cancellation policy is follows:
• Mid Day Walks (Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm): clients who need us 2+ times per week pay a flat monthly fee instead of by the visit. Because membership begins on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month, we provide a boarding credit for cancellations instead of a refund. Walk cancellations need to be communicated to the office no later than 7am the same day or you will be charged for visit.
• Pet Sitting: Life can be unpredictable so we realize situations happen which may cause plans to change. After appointments are scheduled and confirmed, a cancellation fee may apply to compensate employees for reserving time for your visits. Refund given if cancellation received 8+ days prior to service except holidays (holidays must be cancelled 14+ days in advance).
• Boarding/Overnights: Because these services are personalized, it is difficult to fill the spot when someone cancels so you must cancel 31+ days in advance to receive a refund (fee applies to compensate us for turning away business).

What is your COVID-19 policy?

We have two slightly different policies for when human client NOT home and when they are home. Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.

Can I make last-minute arrangements?
We realize that unexpected things sometimes happen (getting stuck in traffic, having to stay late at the office, etc.) which is why you can call us at any time and one of our team members will be able to help; however, we are NOT an on-call dog walking service so please plan ahead whenever possible.
Do you have references?

We have numerous references and would love to share them (we can supply before/during/after our Meet and Greet). Also, read glowing feedback from our satisfied clients on Google Reviews.

Our Clients Love Us!

Here are some of the tailed friends that we have the privilege of caring for.
I read the daily reports every day. They are great and provide excellent information. The team includes very friendly people from the office staff to the dog walkers. I appreciate that Amy calls me with any issues that I need to be aware of. Rocky is very happy with the care he receives from TPS.
John – Everett
Shannon in Everett 98203
I love that my dogs receive a walk and some interaction while I am at work. Alicia is so caring and thoughtful. When I had surgery, she went above and beyond by asking what she could do to help me. She assisted by bringing in the garbage cans and picking up my mail. I really appreciate her!
Jana – Everett
Nate in Everett 98203
I have used TPS since I moved to Everett in January 2017. I’ve had 2 dog walkers in that time (the first joined the military). Both were incredible people, dog whisperers (they worked with two rescue dogs), and die-hard animal lovers. Antigone (owner), unbelievably accommodating. Late minute change or request – never a problem. Need advice – they are a deep source of experience and knowledge. They are the best!
Laura – Everett
Nancy in Everett 98201
Tailored Pet Services (TPS) has provided the exact services we were looking for when we moved to Everett: a reliable dog walker for the days we commute to Seattle or have weekend plans that keep us out all day and a loving home where we can board our pets when we are out of town. We feel like our pets are well cared for and loved by TPS sitters and we are happy to be supporting a local business in the time of app driven pet sitting services.
Kelly – Everett


You are protected by our money back guarantee. If you decide that you are dissatisfied with the service we provided after 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money with only one question: “how can we do better?”