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Pet Care Services: Big or Small, We Care For Them All!


In order to begin service, we require a minimum amount of service (dog walking = 2 days per week on a continuous basis). We insist on regular visits to create strong relationships with both our human and four legged clients. Developing a bond with your furry friend separates us from our competitors. Also, you’ll receive a discount for scheduling monthly: https://tailoredpetservices.com/packages/

Services Dog Walking


Stress, boredom, and loneliness, in addition to being unpleasant in themselves, are notorious for causing health and behavior problems dogs. Whether it’s exercise, affection, playtime, or just a little bit of company, we listen and respond in the best way we can to your dog’s needs during walk.

Off-Leash Adventure

Potty Break

Puppies and seniors need more frequent trips outside so we’ll provide a mid-day bathroom break. After spending time in your fenced yard with plenty of time for pottying, playing, and sniffing, we’ll bring your pooch inside. After wiping paws and refreshing water, he/she should be ready for a nap.

Park Adventure


With our on-leash or off-leash adventures, you can concentrate on your job and trust that your furry friend is having a blast at some of Snohomish County’s best parks while staying safe. Our park outings provide Fido an opportunity to romp, play, sniff and explore in a new environment.

In-home boarding - sold out

In-home Boarding

It’s different from a kennel because only 1-2 dogs from the same household stay with us at one time to ensure a personalized experience andour furry babies will be able to explore freely throughout the house like in your own home.



Furry babies are sometimes afraid of strange noises at night. We understand! We’ll have a slumber party in your home with your pets as the guest of honor so they will remain in their own environment and maintain their normal routine.

Services Cat Sitting

CAT Sitting

Having us visit your cats in their home has numerous benefits such as less stress because they remain in their own environment, regular diet and routine are followed, personalized attention provided and eliminates need to transport to another location.

Non-Holiday Rates (Holidays include a 25% surcharge)

Dog Walking

15-Minute Potty Break

Price depends on how many days per week you need us.


Mid-Day 30-Minute Dog Walks (Start time between 10:30am-2:30pm)

Price depends on how many days per week you need us.


Early Bird 30-Minute Dog Walks (Start time between 9:00am-10:30am)

Must sign up for 4-5x per week.


Mid-Day 45-Minute Dog Walks (Start time between 10:30am-2:30pm)


Early Bird 45-Minute Dog Walks (Start time between 9:00am-10:30am)

Must sign up for 4-5x per week


Off-Leash Adventure


Early Bird 30-Minute Dog Walks (Start time between 9:00am-10:30am)

Must sign up for 4-5x per week.


Park Adventure


Dog Vacation Care

12-hour Overnight plus mid-day visit


16-hour Overnight


Cat Visits

20-Minute Cat Visit


30-Minute Cat Visit


40-Minute Cat Visit


Dog Training

Puppy Foundation Package

(4) 45-minute private sessions pack


Reactive Rover Package

(4) 90 minute private sessions pack


Nail Trimming


1st dog = $30, additional dogs $10 each


1st dog = $35, additional dogs $10 each

What Happy Clients Are Saying About Us

“We love TAILored so much. We knew we needed a responsible dog walker. TAILored runs like a real business, which was our initial reason for signing up. But they are SO MUCH MORE. Everyone who works with our Patches also is caring and sensitive to a very quirky dog. We also get a text and a photo when they stop by, which means we don’t have to worry about whether/when she was walked. Then we come home to a cute (sometimes hilarious) written note about the day’s visit.

We didn’t know how much a dog walking service could mean to us. We are so grateful for TAILored and couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Plus, look at this heart-melting pic they sent of our dog!”

Caitlin Blair Pratt

Caitlin Blair Pratt

“I have been a client since May 2013 (overnights and day visits). Antigone has been fantastic—even sleeps with my dogs! She sends me photos on arrival and departure for day visits and more frequently during overnights. She leaves detailed notes with photos attached of their activities on the overnight visits which I really enjoy reading when I get home. She has also picked my dogs up at the vet and taxied them to my house. When I come home, I don’t think they even missed me! It is a huge stress relief for me to know that they are so well taken care of in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. I highly recommend them as a much preferred alternative to boarding. She also brings in the trash can (I hate that job!) and picks up poop! She goes above and beyond and my dogs love her!!!”
Julia McGary

Julia McGary