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Apartment/Small Living Space & Cats

Choosing a pet to keep inside your small apartment can be tricky. With no yard available, you have to worry about how much exercise your pet can regularly get. On top of that, your home may end up messy more often because your pet has to heed the call of nature somehow.

The limitations of staying in a small apartment may convince you that caring for a pet is not a viable option, but that’s not the case at all. You can even care for a cat if you so choose.

Continue with this article if you’re interested in keeping a cat inside your small apartment. We’ve detailed some tips below that can prove to be very useful.

Train Your Cat to Use a Litter Box

Landlords are not always keen on allowing pets into their units. They’ve spent a lot of money on building and maintaining those units so the last thing they probably want is to have your pet damage them.

If your landlord seems unsure about allowing your pet into their rental unit, you can alleviate their concerns by telling them that your cat is already trained to use a litter box. They won’t have to worry about your cat spreading urine all over their unit. Their walls and floors will remain in good condition even if your pet is staying in there with you.

Give Your Cat a Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It would be great if your pet knew how to use a litter box, but you still have to worry about how often your cat will use it. As we all know, cats can be fussy when it comes to litter boxes. If their litter box is dirty, they may decide not to use it.

That can be a real issue if you have to leave home several hours during the day for work. You have to come up with a way to keep your pet’s litter box fresh even if you aren’t home.

If you’re dealing with that kind of issue, you should consider picking up a self-cleaning litter box for your cat.

Per Petco, self-cleaning litter boxes work by sifting your cat’s waste from the litter. Once the box has sifted your cat’s waste, it will then transfer all of that into a disposable container. You can then remove the disposable container once it is completely full.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are remarkably convenient. They also allow your cat to relieve themselves comfortably throughout the day.

Offer Your Cat Some Entertainment Options Besides Starring At Apartment Walls

Cats can get restless if they have to stay alone in a confined space for an extended period of time. If that happens, your cat could start vocalizing their displeasure with their current predicament. Your neighbors and your landlord will likely not appreciate that development.

Don’t allow your cat to get bored while you’re at work. Prevent that from happening by providing them with some entertainment.

Set up a scratching post so your cat can stretch out whenever they’re feeling bored. You don’t have to build an entire play area for them. They will be content with that single scratching post inside your small apartment.

Cats also enjoy playing around with toys. Get them some toys that they can play around with quietly so the neighbors don’t have to deal with any racket coming from your apartment unit.

Hire a Pet Sitter if You Have to Be Away for a While

Are you scheduled to leave on a business trip sometime soon? If so, you’re probably worried about leaving your cat home alone for the next few days.

Of course, you don’t have to leave your cat alone during that time. Hire a pet sitter and ask them to keep your cat company.

Aside from feeding, the pet sitter can also play around with your cat and watch over them so they don’t get into trouble. You can rest easy knowing that your cat is cared for even if you have to be away from home.

Pet cats can thrive even in small apartments. They will be just fine as long as you are there to care for them. Even if you cannot be with your precious cat 24/7, you can still hire a sitter to look out for them.

We at TAILored Pet Services are ready to lend our assistance if you need a sitter. Dial 425-923-7791 or contact us through our website to learn more about our cat sitting services!



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