Whether you are planning a last minute vacation or getting a jump on savings for holiday travel; you may be wondering what options to consider for your pets. Of course, you want the best for your fur-babies, so taking a good look at your options is important. You may be left wondering which is the better choice while you are away. And just what are differences are there between pet boarding or overnight pet sitting for you pets.

Pet Boarding:

Great Dane Dog at Boarding FacilityWhen it comes to someone watching your pet overnight, most people naturally think about a boarding facility. This is a place where you take your pet to be cared for while you are gone. Pet boarding can be at the vet, a regular kennel, or even a fancy pet hotel/spa.

Over the years pet boarding has evolved. While there are still the old wire pens and sterile environments in some places, there are newer bigger places to take your pets. Now we have pet hotels that offer special play times, grooming, large “homey” pens and spa like amenities. When visiting any boarding facilities check out a few well before you plan your trip and drop in unannounced to get a better feel of their daily routines.

• For elderly pets they often have a vet or tech around 24/7 to help with medical emergencies
• Sometimes they have lower prices (depending on the amount of amenities or special services you chose)
• Newer pet hotels have all sorts of cushy set ups and special activities if you can afford it

• Stress due the busy environment is a big factor in boarding facilities
• Potential for contagious diseases like kennel cough, giardiasis, coccidiosis, and distemper
• Pricing can be hard to sort out because those add-ons will add up
• Places like veterinarian offices have a very cold and sterile environment
• Many place do not have someone on-site after hours

Overnight Pet Sitting

Boarding vs Overnights-Dog & Woman SleepingIt seems natural to have your pet stay at home while you’re away, but someone has to look after them, right? In the past, the popular choice was to have a neighbor or a friend to check on your pet a few times a day while you’re away and “house sit.” However, a professional overnight visit is a far better and safer choice if you want to have your pet stay at home. Friends and family may mean well, but if they get a flat tire or have a personal emergency your pet may be left by the wayside. With professional sitters there is always a backup plan to make sure you pet gets the care they need.

Some pets take really well to overnight sitters, especially cats, while others bristle at the thought of someone other than their owners in the home. But overall, they are a lot of benefits to having a pet sitter come to your home to take care of your pet.

• Your pet is comfortable in their own home
• You still have the presence of someone in your home
• Pet sitters will help with light household tasks (collect mail, water plants, take out trash) in addition to regular pet sitting tasks
• Medicine can be administered and pet sitters also are trained in CPR and to know signs of duress

• Some pets may be a little protective when there is a stranger in their home while the owner is away
• It might be more expensive than a basic kennel

When you are away from home, you want to know that your precious pets are taken care of the same as if you were still there. Some people think that overnight pet sitters are always more expensive than a regular kennel, but that is not always true.

In fact for multiple pets, it may actually cost less. If you have dogs and cats, or any other pets you can save money and time by having a sitter come to them rather than figuring out boarding services and costs for each of them.

When you are deciding which is best for you comes down to the individual pet. You can always ask your veterinarian what they think is best for your family. They can assess the personality and health of your pets and determine if boarding or overnight visits would be the right fit.

For elderly or pets with medical needs, we recommend overnights so the pet can stay in a familiar environment and continue his/her set schedule. We have two overnight pet sitters with medical training (Trena, Vet Technician and Kirsten, Veterinary Assistant) who will give Fido a physical assessment during each visit and alert you to any health concerns.

If you decide boarding is the best fit for your pet, contact us so we can recommend a boarding facility or provide suggestions of how you can board your furry baby in a pet lover’s home.

If you have any questions about overnights or how we can help comfort your pet while you’re away, we are always here to help!. We’ll even set up a complimentary visit to meet your pet in advanced so they can get to know your sitter.