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Additional five kid-friendly dog breeds

In case you missed it, last week we shared half of petMed‘s list of approved kid-friendly dog breeds; however, there are so many great breeds out there so we are sharing the additional five below:
  1. Beagle: Beagles are happy-go-lucky hounds that love to play. They can keep up with any child’s tireless energy. We’ve known a lot of beagles and they’re all goofy, loveable, hardy little pups. They do shed a lot and can be noisy, but if you need a dog to entertain your children until they drop, the beagle is your guy (or gal)!
  2. Bull Terrier: A lot of people think these pooches are mean; however, bull terriers are a friendly, sturdy breed built to withstand anything you can throw at them (figuratively, not literally – please don’t throw things!) Your children who are just learning how to treat the sometimes sensitive dogs in their life will fit right in with this breed, which has a reasonably high pain tolerance.
  3. Viszla: The little-known Viszla is a family kind of dog, bonding closely with its people. They’re energetic but down to earth, able to play with and guide your children in equal measure.
  4. Poodle: Poodles are smart and their only downside is that that beautiful fluff requires a decent amount of maintenance–otherwise, they don’t shed much, they’re patient, and they come in all different sizes to fit any living situation! This is a breed that will stand beside the family through thick and thin (and maybe help the kids with their homework!)
  5. Irish Setter: Everyone loves redheads, and the Irish Setter is much more than just a pretty face. If you have enough room to run, these energetic dogs are easily trained and ready to race your kids until the finish (or until nap time–whichever comes first). Irish Setters love people and love their families even more!

As we said in our last post, every dog is different and every breed has its individuals. Hopefully, our post shows there are numerous options and the perfect dog for your family is within your reach. When you’ve settled on the right type of dog for your family, consider adopting from a local shelter: PAWS,  Everett Animal Shelter, and NOAH.

After you find the perfect canine friend, TAILored Pet Services has numerous monthly packages to help with your mid-day dog walking and/or potty break needs. Contact us for more information.