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Dog Walking in Snohomish County

Does your dog need extra exercise?

Nervous about dropping your furry baby at a doggy daycare but frustrated because he’s mischievous when left alone for too long? Our service is tailored by pet owner because each dog has different needs and requirements so we can provide brisk walks to burn off excess energy, slow strolls in your neighborhood to potty or play time in a fenced yard with your pup’s favorite toy.

Dog Walking Rates

30-Minute Dog Walk

$15-$25 per walk

45-Minute Dog Walk

$20-$30 per walk

Benefits of Our Dog Walking 

Burns calories/keeps excess pounds off

Deters behaviors like excessive barking/whining

Stimulates mind/alleviates boredom

Other Dog Exercise Services

Potty Breaks

Our 15-minute visits are perfect for elderly dogs with weak bladders or puppies who are being potty trained. These visits may include playtime in fenced yard or brief walk in neighborhood – you decide which is best for your furry baby. We’ll ensure your pup has the opportunity to potty outside so you can enjoy your lunch and not have to worry about cleaning up an accident after work.

Park Adventure

Dogs need time in nature to experience new sights and smells. Our on-leash visits to Snohomish County parks can satisfy this need while you’re working or trying to balance family life. Different parks are visited so your pup has plenty of variety. Park Adventures can relieve boredom by taking a break from walking the same route. Give your canine companions something to look forward to!

Off-Leash Adventure

Do you wish you had a large, fenced backyard for your dog to play in? Look no further than our private off-leash adventure. The 90-minute visit includes pick-up/drop off from your home plus an hour-long adventure in a ¼ acre fenced yard where your pup can romp, run and/or fetch. Because only one household visits at a time, the adventure is personalized for your pups so they stay safe.