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Sounds of Distress in Felines

Letting your cat out so he/she can spend time in your backyard is usually no big deal. Your cat gets some exercise and sunlight while you turn your attention to other matters.

Suddenly though, the peacefulness of that moment can be disrupted by distressing sounds piercing through their air. What’s even more concerning is that it seems like the sounds were made by your cat.

Cats tend to become more vocal when they are in trouble. As their owner, you need to recognize their calls of distress when they start to make them. Learn more about what those vocal signs of distress are by reading on.


If you adopted an older cat, there’s a good chance that they hissed at you the first time you tried to feed them.

Don’t take that hissing personally. It’s just a sign that your cat is feeling threatened. Your new cat may not feel completely comfortable yet in their new surroundings, thus leading to them lashing out in that manner.

Cats also tend to hiss if they are approached by unfamiliar people or animals. It’s their way of basically telling others to back off.

The Humane Society recommends leaving hissing cats alone until they calm down. If the person or animal in question doesn’t back off after the hissing, your cat may attack the target in question.


Snarling noises coming from your cat indicate that they’ve gotten into a standoff. They may snarl at an unknown cat who somehow got into your yard.

Cat snarls are often loud and drawn out. They’re used to warn others to leave or at least stay away. If you hear two cats start to snarl, a fight may break out sooner rather than later.


Last up are howls and cats usually produce these noises when they’re in pain or some other kind of distress. They may have gotten injured after a fight or after an accident inside your home.

Check up on your pet right away as soon as you hear him/her howl. He/she may be in need of medical attention.

Hopefully, the sounds detailed in this article are ones your pet cat will hardly ever make. If you ever hear them though, be ready to come to your cat’s aid immediately.

You never want your pet cat to get in any kind of trouble. We at TAILored Cat Services will work to ensure he/she is safe as you run your errands. Contact us through our website or by calling 425-923-7791 to find out how we can keep your pet protected.



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