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All our pet nannies complete an extensive interview process, pass a federal background check and join the team as employees plus are continually trained while working for us. You can rely on us to provide you with quality service or receive a 100% refund if dissatisfied.

Owner-Antigone and Director of Love and Fun-Chance

Antigone Killingstad

If you are not familiar with the play by the same name, my name is pronounced “an-tig-uh-nee” or click here to listen to it pronounced on dictionary.com. My name means “in place of a mother” in Greek which describes perfectly the reason I started TAILored Pet Services. I know pets are important family members and I wanted to provide a motherly substitute to the furry babies in my care. 

Born and raised in Western Washington, my love for animals evolved at a young age. I began informally pet sitting for friends and neighbors at age 10 (39 years ago). Growing up, my house was always filled with dogs and walking them became part of the normal family routine!

I worked in the newspaper industry for ten years before deciding I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of others. In 2004, I began working with numerous local non-profit organizations: Providence Hospice & Home Care, Village Theatre, the Snohomish County Center for Battered Women (now named Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County), Housing Hope and Cocoon House. After 5 years of working with agencies helping homeless people, I realized I wanted to work with animals so I traded my slacks/loafers for jeans/sneakers and started a dog walking and pet services company. I continue to make a difference in my community by taking part in events to support animal welfare organizations like the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett, NOAH, Save A Mutt and Old Dog Haven.



Our Pet Nannies are the heart of Tailored Pet Services (TPS). Because of their importance to our company, TPS is dedicated to finding and hiring the best professional team members.

Tracy, Walker in 98205, 98037, 98274, 98026


Mukilteo, Lynnwood 98037/98087 & Edmonds 98026 Dog Walker

Meet Tracy!

I have lived in the greater northwest my whole life.  Growing up in such a wonderful state I was raised with various kinds of animals.  I have loved and lived with gerbils, snakes, lizards, toads, birds (of many kinds), dogs (various sizes and breeds) and cats.  My greatest love is dogs and cats.  The bond I feel between me and my dogs is incredible.  They know every emotion I have and they comfort everyone.  I believe animals are here to help us heal, grow and learn.

I have two dogs of my own, Abigale (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and Bella (Skipperkey/Chihuaua mix)…they are my two amigos. I love to spend time with them taking them for walks, playing in the yard, going to the beach as well as tucking them into bed with me at night. I am very aware and attentive to them.

Over the years I have always been asked as well a volunteered to walk and or dog sit for my family and friends.  I am very excited to help clients as they (you) have to work long hours as well as many commitments and you don’t alway have time to attend to your family pet.  I have been in that situation and I want to help.

I now have that opportunity to share my heart and love for your animals with you.  I understand the full importance of trusting and knowing the one that will be taking care of you family pet.



Everett 98201 & 98203 dog walker

Meet Amy!

Amy Everett 98201 & 98203 Dog WalkerI grew up locally in a loving family who always included some four-legged members. When I was young, we settled in the rural outskirts of Lake Stevens, back when it was still considered a small community. I spent my days roaming the area around our home, always accompanied by my faithful furry friends with tails ‘a waggin’. Wherever I went, my dogs were never far behind, the three of us sharing a bond that words cannot describe. Growing up like this, I learned how to put dogs at ease while in my company by tuning in to the ways they communicate through body language.

These precious critters deserve unconditional love and protection, and I will strive to exceed your expectations when it comes to caring for your fur-babies. I take my role in your dog’s life very seriously, and while in my care, your dog will be given the same level of attention and affection I would want for my own beloved companions.

All dogs find true joy in spending time outdoors during a walk and it gives me great satisfaction to be the one on the other end of the leash. I feel blessed to earn an income doing what I love, and I am truly honored to be entrusted with the care of your treasured pet.



Overnight Sitter/Pet Vacation Visitor

Meet Trena!

My name is Trena and I have worked for Tailored Pet Services since April 2013 as a dog walker/ pet sitter/overnight pet nanny.

Prior to working for TPS, I was a Veterinary Technician for 23 years which is definitely a plus when it comes to pet sitting and dog walking!

Since I own two dogs and one cat, people often ask who looks after my critters while I am away. Rest assured, my family is in charge of my fur babies while I am away on overnight pet sitting visits.

My hobbies consist of baking, candle making, knitting, birding, gardening and paddle boarding. I love photography, mainly bird photography, but also scenic photography such as ocean settings, sunsets, mountains, and flowers. I also enjoy canine photography (portraits mostly). I enjoy hiking with my camera (always ready for that perfect shot) so I never leave home without my camera!

Karlyn, Dog Walker


Walker: Everett 98208, Lynnwood, Mill Creek

Meet Karlyn!

I grew up in San Diego, but moved to the Silver Lake area in 2001. I am the wife of a Retired Navy Chief with a background in Law, Business & dog grooming. I have always worked with animals in some capacity, whether it be grooming them, babysitting them or walking them. I am currently updating my Professional Pet Stylist certification. When I’m not with my furry friends, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, road trips, volunteer work, and listening to music.
Nyx and Jennifer (Everett 98208 and Mill Creek/Bothell 98012 Dog Walker)


Everett 98201 Walker/Photographer

Meet Leaha!

Our family always had animals growing up. From Great Danes/wiener dogs to rabbits/hamsters. Animals have always had a special place in my heart, and with the way they are capable of loving us unconditionally, I feel in some ways they are more evolved than humans.

I currently live with my son and three cats, and life is never boring for us. I love photographing animals and will often be seen with a camera in hand, never wanting to miss a photo opportunity. When I’m not capturing still shots of furry beasts and scenic landscapes, I’m making funny cat TikTok videos.

Working in a profession that revolves around animals is really a dream come true for me, and having the opportunity to spend time with other people’s pets gives me great joy!

Dog Walker Gabriel


Mill Creek Area Walker

Meet Gabriel!

When I turned five years old, my mother gave me a border collie puppy, let me name him, and began to teach me how to take care of and be responsible for another sacred life. Of course, he grew up a lot faster than I did, so in his mind it was the other way around: I was a pup in his pack, and he was the one who had to look after me, and he tended to his duties with a patient and loving sensitivity to all my needs. Other pets have been a part of my family: a chatty parrot, a feral cat that walked in from the wild, and our springer spaniel Athena. All have been special, but Perseus in particular had a deep and noble quality to him that I grew up respecting and admiring.

I have the same level of diligence and attentiveness to the animals in my life that Perseus had for me. Whether it’s my dog Snap Pea or any of the numerous animals I have worked with at rescues or animal care jobs, I am attentive, loving, and completely dedicated to their happiness and safety. I have worked as a professional walker for over two years before starting with TAILored Pet Services, and gained experience in a no kill shelter as well as therapy team training with my own dog.

Besides working with animals, I have 10 years of experience as a photographer, 15 as a musician, and have a degree from the Evergreen State College with a focus in psychology. I have lived in New York City, Olympia, Seattle, and most recently I’ve found myself on a small ranch in Snohomish with three ponies, two horses, a cat, and my girl Snap Pea.


You are protected by our money back guarantee. If you decide that you are dissatisfied with the service we provided after 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money with only one question: “how can we do better?”

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