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About Us

vision statement:

To be the most respected pet care company in Snohomish County by being the primary authority in ways for pet owners to live a happy life with their furry baby.

mission statement:

Tailored Pet Service exists to provide quality care for pets through dog walking, pet sitting and training plus to provide pet owners knowledgeable recommendations on living a happy life with their furry baby. We accomplish this goal by:
• making every training experience fun and effective while keeping in mind that it needs to work seamlessly with clients’ daily lives
• educating humans on dog behavior and provide them tools to help their dogs live in our human world for the safety of household and community
• going the extra mile (“premium” service) to provide a customized approach to dog walking, private dog training and pet sitting clients
• volunteering at animal rescues by providing free community educational seminars and fundraising hours.

Company VALUES (F.O.C.U.S.)

1. FUN/HUMOR: caring for pets is serious; however, it still leaves room for laughter and fun while providing service
2. ONGOING EDUCATION: share formal education and experience with the community so they can build loving relationships with their furry companions
3. COLLABORATION: belong to a network of pet industry colleagues and allied animal professions so we have a wide range of resources for our clients and community.
4. UPLIFT THE PROFESSION: conduct business as professionals with integrity, honesty, and transparency so the community can expect more from the pet care and dog training professions
5. SUPPORT: volunteer with pet-related charity organizations such as and shelters and rescues


All our pet nannies complete an extensive interview process, pass a federal background check and join the team as employees plus are continually trained while working for us. You can rely on us to provide you with quality service or receive a 100% refund if dissatisfied.

Owner-Antigone and Director of Love and Fun-Chance

Antigone Killingstad

If you are not familiar with the play by the same name, my name is pronounced “an-tig-uh-nee” or click here to listen to it pronounced on dictionary.com. My name means “in place of a mother” in Greek which describes perfectly the reason I started TAILored Pet Services. I know pets are important family members and I wanted to provide a motherly substitute to the furry babies in my care. 

Born and raised in Western Washington, my love for animals evolved at a young age. I began informally pet sitting for friends and neighbors at age 10 (40 years ago). Growing up, my house was always filled with dogs and walking them became part of the normal family routine!

I worked in the newspaper industry for ten years before deciding I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of others. In 2004, I began working with numerous local non-profit organizations: Providence Hospice & Home Care, Village Theatre, the Snohomish County Center for Battered Women (now named Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County), Housing Hope and Cocoon House. After 5 years of working with agencies helping homeless people, I realized I wanted to work with animals so I traded my slacks/loafers for jeans/sneakers and started a dog walking and pet services company. I continue to make a difference in my community by taking part in events to support animal welfare organizations like the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett, NOAH, Save A Mutt and Old Dog Haven.


Our Pet Nannies are the heart of Tailored Pet Services (TPS). Because of their importance to our company, TPS is dedicated to finding and hiring the best professional team members.

Ashley, Dog Walker In 98201/98203


Everett 98201/98203 dog walker

Meet Ashley!

They have lived with animals for as long as they can remember, having had multiple cats at home and a lifelong friend with a family farm. Animals (and cats in particular) have been a constant presence and grounding relationship through many moves and difficulties. They currently have a black cat named Buffy (the-too-scared-of-everything-to-be-a-vampire-slayer) and, as a tabletop RPG player, often refer to her as a familiar because animal companions are awesome.

Over the years Ashley has done a lot of informal/volunteer pet sitting for family and friends. After trying on a variety of jobs, they are thrilled to have a chance to work with animals in a more professional capacity. They are looking forward to getting to know you and your pet(s) to help you live your best lives.

Certified Dog Trainer Cathy, conducting class at dog school


Certified Dog Trainer

Meet Cathy!

Cathy is very passionate about training and caring for dogs. She entered the field of dog training after studying at the internationally recognized Animal Behavior College (ABC).

Since completing her education at ABC, Cathy has gone on to pursue impressive credentials as a dog trainer. She is currently a member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator as well as the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC).

Aside from being a highly educated and well-credentialed dog trainer, Cathy also has considerable experience to draw from.

Early on, she spent plenty of time observing and learning while caring for dogs in a daycare environment. Later, she expanded her knowledge while caring for future service dogs. She leveraged this learning to become a more effective volunteer. Cathy has worked with the Animal Friends of the Valley in Wildomar California, the Carolina Boxer Rescue, and Rescue Ranch, both in North Carolina.

For Cathy, dog training is not simply a career. It is a calling that is at the center of her life.

Cathy’s main role within the TAILored Pet Services team involves working closely with both puppies and adult dogs. If your pet dog has some undesirable habits, Cathy will teach them to drop those.

Don’t worry about your pet being subjected to harsh training methods. Cathy only uses methods that rely on positive reinforcement. You can count on her to treat your dog as if they were her own pet.

We are thrilled to be working with Cathy. We are sure that your pets will enjoy training with her as well!

Chantelle, dog walker


Everett 98208, Mill Creek/Bothell 98012 dog walker

Meet Chantelle!

She was born and raised in the PNW but spent the last 13 years traveling in the US and eventually the world. She thrives on the constant change, new place/people/work. But even in the midst of constant change, she believes you’ll always find your way to the things you love. For her, those things include hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoneering, kayaking and DOGS!

Over the years, she has hiked 1000s of miles in 26 states, spent 130+ nights in the backcountry and summited 26 mountains. In between, she found time to volunteer at many Humane Societies where she felt the work as rewarding as any summit. While living in Thailand, she also volunteered with a small group of people focused on the rescue, rehabilitation, sterilization and vaccination of the many stray dogs and cats in the city.

After traveling solo for so long, she’s acutely aware of just how important our bonded relationship (both 2 and 4 legged) are to us. She recently moved back to the PNW with the sole focus of rebuilding a foundation based on those relationships and firmly planting herself in positions to express her loves/passions.

How does Tailored Pet Services fit into her plan? She’s excited and truly honored to spend her time combining everything she loves into one opportunity. She does not take this responsibility lightly and promises your pets will be more than well taken care of. She looks forward to easing the stresses in both her human and furry clients’ lives.

Back[up dog walker Darcy with Jimmy, furry client


Back-up dog walker

Meet Darcy!

Growing up, I was told to stay away from dogs so I began to explore the idea of owning a dog as an adult. When I moved to Bend Oregon, I discovered the absolute joys of a dog friendly community. I did some dog sitting and then leapt in to adopting my first dog, Chloe, a Great Dane pup with a heart larger than she was. After we both went through training lol, my enjoyment of dogs expanded to many other breeds. I pet sat for friends who owned Jack Rusells, Chow, Dalmation, Chihuahua and fostered a Rott/Pit mix.

In 2014 when I moved to Washington I decided to leave the full-time office scene (my career background in banking) and worked as a zipline tour guide on Camano Island. I enjoy the Pacific Northwest and choose to “work” outside whenever possible, even in the rain. I like being on the move and having variety in my day.

When I am not talking about houses (I am a seasonal Real Estate Agent), you will find me in my raingarden, or boating with my family. If I had it all to do over, I would live on a ranch with all varieties of animals but for now, sharing time with other peoples’ pets to enrich their day is pure contentment.

Everett 98203, Mukilteo 98275 and Lynnwood 98087 and 98037 Dog Walker


Everett, Lynnwood & Mukilteo dog walker

Meet Elijah!

Elijah has been walking dogs almost as long as he has been walking! Growing up in a big family with almost as many dogs as there were kids, he is comfortable taking care of a wide range of dog breeds and personalities. He has personally trained two rescue dogs, Charlie and Poppy. (a Golden Retriever and a Border Collie) learning to provide a structured lead while giving positive reinforcement to help puppers be their best selves! With countless hours of walks and hikes under his belt, Elijah is happy to share his love for animals and passion for the outdoors with your dogs.

Everett 98203 and Lake Stevens 98258 Dog Walker


Walker: Everett, Lake Stevens

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer grew up in Lynnwood and animals have been her entire life. Growing up, she had the opportunity to have animals as small as mice and tropical freshwater fish, to as big as dogs and horses. She loved them all! Over the years, she developed a great understanding of dogs and cats as a groomer. Currently, she has 2 indoor only kitties that my world revolves around. Logistically, she isn’t able to own a dog at the moment which led her to dog walking – she absolutely LOVES it!

Nyx and Jennifer (Everett 98208 and Mill Creek/Bothell 98012 Dog Walker)


Cat Sitter/Photographer

Meet Leaha!

Our family always had animals growing up. From Great Danes/wiener dogs to rabbits/hamsters. Animals have always had a special place in my heart, and with the way they are capable of loving us unconditionally, I feel in some ways they are more evolved than humans.

I currently live with my son and three cats, and life is never boring for us. I love photographing animals and will often be seen with a camera in hand, never wanting to miss a photo opportunity. When I’m not capturing still shots of furry beasts and scenic landscapes, I’m making funny cat TikTok videos.

Working in a profession that revolves around animals is really a dream come true for me, and having the opportunity to spend time with other people’s pets gives me great joy!

Dog Walker Madison with Bear (furry client)


Dog Walker: Everett 98208, Mill/Creek Bothell 98012, Snohomish 98296

Meet Madison!

I was born and raised in Snohomish County. My first puppy “Dixie” joined the family while I was still a baby. Growing up as an only child, my “brothers” and “sisters” have always been 4 legged. The whole family has always had fur babies.

I currently live with 4 fur siblings. I love reading and spending time with family. We like to spend our time outside as much as possible. My love of animals lead me to the 2 year Veterinary Assistant Program at Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center in Everett.

I am so excited to meet and spend time with your fur babies. This also will allow me to continue to broaden my passion in the animal field.

Patricia, back-up dog walker


Overnight Sitter

Meet Patricia!

Patricia grew up in a military family moving every two years – the one constant, and best friend, was her dog, Topsy. The relationship was the start of a lifelong love of pets!

During her studies, and career, in higher education at a major university back east, there was never a shortage of animals to keep her life balanced.

After starting a family of her own, Patricia passed down her love of animals to her three children and a house full of rescued kittens, their own dog, cats, parakeets and fish became the norm.

Patricia’s daughter became a professional dog trainer and, pretty soon, there were plenty of grand pups to help train. It’s been wonderful to have the benefit of a professionally trained handler to pass on the loving wisdom that make the owner/pet relationship one of fulfillment and purpose.

Along with her growing love for her walking buddies, woof woof, she also spends time with her grand dogs training to run agility courses. The communication between a dog and its handler while running agility courses is a wonder to behold, requiring both trust and skill.