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Your Four-Legged Friends Are Not Just Pets—They Are Your Furry Children.

Work With A Company Who Understands This Relationship!

Our employees have been servicing the following cities in Washington State since May 2011: Edmonds 98026, Everett, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Mill Creek/Bothell 98012 & 98021, Mukilteo and Snohomish

Dog Walking

Dog lovers live busy lives and sometimes it just isn’t possible to walk our furry friends. We’ll exercise Fido so you have a cheerful and calm friend afterwards. Whether he needs a potty break, leisurely stroll or brisk walk, these customized visits will happen regardless of the Pacific Northwest weather

Pet Sitting

3 options: (1) BOARDING – pet lives with a TPS family with free reign in home and play time in fenced back yard. (2) OVERNIGHTS – slumber party in YOUR home with your pets as the guest of honor. (3) CAT SITTING – clean litter box, refresh water, refill dry food and wash bowls before feeding fresh wet food.

Dog Training

Dogs don’t come with a handbook, and it can be hard to find effective solutions for common problems like jumping, lunging, and loose leash walking. That’s what we are here for! We’ll help you find real solutions that fit with your life and help your dog be a great canine member of the community.

Do any of these scenarios describe your situation?

Work From Home?

Work From Home?

Having your dog part of your office zoom meetings may be distracting. We’ll take Fido out so you have a quiet and productive meeting.
Dragged During Walks?

Pulled During Walk?

Is Fido walking you rather than the other way around? Our trainer can show you how l use a Harness Lead to reduce pulling.

New Puppy?

New Puppy?

Puppies don’t come with a handbook, and it can be hard to find effective solutions for common problems. Our training will provide solutions. 



Are you injured or physically unable to exercise your dog? Our early bird rates will ensure your dog goes out 4-5x per week for a morning stroll.

Dog Can’t Attend Daycare

Can’t Go To Daycare?

Dogs who are shy, bully or suffer from separation anxiety aren’t good candidates for daycare. Our visits will provide the exercise she needs.
Long Commute/Work Long Hours?

Lengthy Commute or Work Long Hours?

It’s not always feasible to rush home during lunch to relieve your pet. Our mid-day walks will ensure your dog has time for a bathroom break and time to stretch his legs.
Bored dog?

Destructive or Bored dog?

Sometimes dogs become destructive when left alone for long periods because of boredom. We’ll stop by mid-day for playtime/exercise to burn off some of that energy.

Pregnant or just gave birth?

Pregnant or just gave birth?

Adding a baby to a family is a joyous occasion but can also be physically stressful. If you’re pregnant or just gave birth, we’ll take your dog for a walk so you can focus on your health.
 Live in an apartment?

Live in an apartment?

Is your residence missing a yard so letting your dog out is a challenge? We’ll take your dog for a walk around your complex or drive to a nearby park for a change of scenery.
Woman at the airport

Business Traveler or Taking Vacation?

Don’t let your pets stop you from taking a vacation or business trip. We’ll come to your home so they maintain their normal routine and remain in own environment. 

dog training for puppies


Puppies don’t come with a handbook, and it can be hard to find effective solutions for common problems like potty training, puppy biting, and loose leash walking. That’s what we are here for! We’ll help you find real solutions that fit with your life and help your puppy be a great canine member of the community.

dog training


Manners and leash walking are life long skills, so they require more than one learning experience. In addition, issues like destructive chewing, barking, house soiling, and behaviors like fear and aggression can develop. Some basic skills covered include: sit, down, stay, leave-it, wait, drop, go-to place loose leash walking & polite greetings.

Dog showing leash aggression


Living with a reactive dog can be difficult. Whether you are always on the lookout for triggers or you find yourself planning your life around your dog’s anxiety; we are here to help you! We don’t provide band-aid solutions. Instead, we work with you to heal and manage the root of your dog’s reactivity (their emotions).

Dog Walking


Stress, boredom, and loneliness, in addition to being unpleasant in themselves, are notorious for causing health and behavior problems dogs. Whether it’s exercise, affection, playtime, or just a little bit of company, we listen and respond in the best way we can to your dog’s needs during walk.



Puppies and seniors don’t have the stamina for a walk so our 15-minute visits are perfect! We’ll come and let your puppy/senior dog out into a fenced yard so they can go the bathroom and have time to sniff/play. Plenty of cuddles included and we’ll even feed your puppy or give medication to senior if needed.



Dogs love to explore so we drive them to a nearby park. Depending on what’s close, excursion could include hiking, swimming, sniffing, rolling, hunting, picnicking in beaches, rivers, or forests. For safety, we’ll avoid off-leash dog parks if other dogs are present or we can take to a private one.



We will have a slumber party in YOUR home with your pets as the guest of honor so they remain in their own environment and maintain their normal feeding/sleeping routine.



Enjoy a personalized in-home stay for your dog. Unlike kennels, we only accept 1-2 furry guests from the same household at a time. This allows them to roam freely in our home, creating a stress-free and familiar experience much like their own.



We’ll come 1-2 times daily to clean litter box, refresh water, refill dry food and wash bowls before feeding fresh wet food. Visit will also include plenty of TLC, play time and brushing.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to earn your trust as well as your business. We believe we are the best; however, what YOU believe is all that matters.
We want you to be totally thrilled with our service…so absolutely delighted that you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors.
If you decide that you are dissatisfied with the service we provided after 30 days, we will refund 100% of your money with only one question: “how can we do better?”
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Latest Blogs

Our Clients Love Us!

Here are some of the tailed friends that we have the privilege of caring for.

I am so happy we found TPS! Having reliable, convenient, and awesome daily walks for our three fur babies has been great! It helps alleviates some of the guilt I feel around long work days at the office. Chantelle is amazing and my furbabies look forward to walking and playing with her all week. I don’t trust many people with my babies, so I truly appreciate Chantelle and highly recommend TPS.

Michelle in Bothell 98012

I have been using Tailored Pet Services for a few years. I use them for overnight stays while I am on vacation. Trena, the sitter I have, is reliable, capable, and gives my dogs lots of love and attention. When I had my diabetic cat, she gave him his shots, plus she now deals with my senior dogs and their meds. I highly recommend Tailored Pets.

Mary in Everett 98203

When we moved from Seattle to Bothell, we needed to find a new walker for Loki...we got extremely lucky when we found Tailored Pet Services (TPS) in August 2016. Loki can be a handful on the best of days but the TPS team always knows how to get on his good side and are willing to work through his more challenging days. We can always trust Loki will be in good hands while we’re away at work. TPS goes the extra mile by picking Loki up for boarding (even on a holiday). TPS has been great by being flexible with our changing schedules and last minute additions/cancellations. We've been using them for 5 years now (+ another reactive dog) and quality of service has only gotten better. I’d recommend TPS to anyone looking for excellent care for their animals/family members.

Shawna in Bothell 98012

I have been a client since May 2013. Antigone has been fantastic—even sleeps with my dogs! She sends me photos on arrival and departure for day visits and more frequently during overnights. She leaves detailed notes with photos attached of their activities on the overnight visits which I really enjoy reading when I get home. She has also picked my dogs up at the vet and taxied them to my house. When I come home, I don’t think they even missed me! It is a huge stress relief for me to know that they are so well taken care of in the comfortable surroundings of their own home. I highly recommend them as a much preferred alternative to boarding. She also brings in the trash can (I hate that job!) and picks up poop! She goes above and beyond and my dogs love her!!!

Julia, Snohomish