If the following remarks sound like you, keep reading because they describe us too!

  • Do you consider your pet your furry child?
  • Are you constantly tripping over dog toys?
  • Does your life revolve around your dog?


Finding the perfect dog nanny is challenging so we’ve compiled a list 15 things you might want to consider before choosing the perfect companion for your canine friend (note: Tailored Pet Services provides all 15).
  1. Limit walks to 1-2 dogs from same household for safety
  2. Distracting devices (cell phones/music) turned off during walks
  3. Employees pass a federal background check before being hired
  4. Dog walking procedures and positive-reinforcement training methods are taught
  5. Complete canine first aid and educated in emergency protocols
  6. Accommodate fluctuating schedules/short notice visits
  7. Primary pet nanny assigned to each client with a back-up nanny available to cover illness/vacation and both are only people who have access to client’s home
  8. Avoid off-leash parks to prevent injury/illness but offer on-leash field trips upon request
  9. Pet care recommendations are provided when applicable
  10. Possess city and state business licenses, pet care insurance and employees bond
  11. Service contract completed during initial consultation and references provided
  12. Take appropriate steps to avoid fights (we don’t allow our furry clients to interact with other dogs we meet).
  13. Read and understand dog’s body language/behavior
  14. Punctual, reliable and provide daily updates by written log and/or text
  15. Complimentary walker/client/dog introduction to ensure everyone is compatible


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At TAILored Pet Services LLC, we personally understand that pets are important family members. They hold a special a place in our hearts and in some cases become our children. We also realize that finding the right individual to take care of their emotional and physical needs is an important decision.

We promise your pets will always receive one-on-one attention, be watched by a consistent person and loved like our own furry babies You can leave your pets in the comfort of their own home knowing they will receive the same love and attention you provide.

How is Tailored Pet Services different from other companies?

  • Manager available 6a-7p Mon-Fri to answers you questions via phone, email or text.
  • When dog passes, we take unused food to Old Dog Haven to be distributed to their fosters.
  • In addition to making suggestions for your pet care needs (vets, groomers, etc.), we also provide human client recommendations for doctors, chiropractors, housekeepers, etc. We even helped a client find a new place to live after her lease expired.
  • When clients are pregnant, we block off time around the due date to ensure we are ready to help with pet care while you’re in the hospital giving birth.
  • We have a retired vet tech on staff to provide guidance regarding when it is appropriate to take your dog to the vet.
  • When a human or pet has needed medical attention, we have taken them to the hospital/vet.
  • We’ve made visits with only a 2-4 hour notice when someone was called into work or a family member had died.

In summary, we are part of your extended family so we act accordingly.

Service Area:

  • Bothell (98012)
  • Edmonds (98026)
  • Everett
  • Lake Stevens

  • Lynnwood
  • Mill Creek
  • Mukilteo
  • Snohomish

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