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Proper Etiquette When Traveling With Pets

Pet parents know exactly what a joy it can be traveling with our pets. But, we also know that having to deal with an unruly dog is never any fun for anyone. That’s why it’s important to know a few simple rules that make sure both owners and the people around them enjoy their presence.

The Code of Conduct for Traveling with Your Pet

  1. Always scoop the poop

Nowadays, for a lot of us, it seems like a no-brainer; your dog makes a “mess,” you clean it up. However, not everyone does this. And it can be one of the most frustrating things to anyone other than the pet or pet parent leaving the mess behind. In fact, this can cause so much resentment and complaints that places will change their policies from pet-friendly to pet-banned. That’s why you should always pick it up.

  1. Tire them out with exercise

A tired dog is a happy dog. They are far less likely to get into mischief and cause trouble on a trip. Make sure before you leave that you take them for a walk and stop for exercise breaks often if you’re on a long road trip. Don’t leave them cooped up in the room. Make sure to have plenty of activities planned where they can come along and get plenty of exercises.

  1. Work on training before and during the trip

It is always easier if your dog knows the basic commands, “sit-stay-come.”  If your dog doesn’t know these command and you know that you are planning a trip with them, start training immediately. And don’t let the vacation derail any training. Always use positive reinforcement to give them the proper incentive to keep up the good work.

  1. Make yourself aware of all policies and laws

A very important part of knowing how seamlessly streamline your dog into your vacation is to know the policies and laws of the area. Learn leash laws, the rules at the hotel or rental home, as well as many places you plan on visiting. If you know what is expected, it will be easier to have your pet tag along.

  1. Stay patient and reserved

Your dog will only be as calm as you are. Even if they are acting up, try to stay calm and don’t scold them too much. It may only amp them up, cause more attention and make the situation worse. Also, don’t bring your dog along if you’re planning on wild bashes or a lot of partying during your trip. It may be best to leave your dog at home with a sitter if you’re planning a wild vacation.

Knowing a general code of conduct for traveling with your pet is not only something that makes other people at ease, it makes your trip less stressful. Take time to consider your trip, your pet and their training, as well as the laws of where you are traveling. It will only end up making everything better for everyone.

And if your pet can’t come along on your current adventure, don’t forget to contact us! Our loving TAILored Pet Sitter would be more than happy to help take care of them while you’re away.