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Motorhome: Best Experience For Pets

Road trips can be fun for us because we can admire the scenery, play games with our friends or family, and just generally enjoy traveling inside a motorhome. The experience may not be the same for your pet cat or dog.

Even if you prepare them properly, they may still end up being uncomfortable during the trip. You can prevent that from happening by following the tips we’ve detailed below.

Feed Your Pet before Traveling in Motorhome

Your pet may not be too keen on eating during the road trip. Since you probably want to avoid having your pet go without food for an extended period of time, you should feed them before you set out on the road.

Offer your pet a light meal at least four hours before you leave. Keep the meal light so they won’t feel sick while in transit.

Plan Frequent Stopovers during Your Trip

Most road trips take several hours. At some point during that trip, your pet will need to heed the call of nature. It’s your job to accommodate them.

Plan out your trip in such a way that allows you to include multiple stopovers. Try to space out those stopovers to line up with your pet’s bathroom needs.

Aim for at least one stopover after every two and a half hours so your pet can remain comfortable throughout the journey. You can also feed your pet during some of your stopovers.

Keep Some Canned Pumpkin on Standby

Some unexpected things could happen during your road trip. For instance, your pet may start to feel sick due to the constant motion of the motorhome.

If something like that happens, you’ll be glad you have some canned pumpkin available.

According to Veterinarians.org, you can give canned pumpkin to a dog who currently has an upset stomach. The pumpkin will help settle their stomach and they should feel relief not long after.

Just make sure that you’re giving plain canned pumpkin to your dog because artificial ingredients are bad for their health.

Have Someone Watch Your Pet

Your eyes need to be on the road at all times. That means you will not be able to watch over your pet.

Of course, you cannot just leave your pet alone in their crate. Instead of doing that, have someone watch over your pet so they can frequently check if your furry friend is comfortable. If something does seem wrong, they will be able to let you know right away.

Road trips can be enjoyable for both you and your pet! Make sure the two of you are able to share that fun experience by following the tips mentioned above.

Not all of your pets may be fit to join you on your road trip. If they have to stay behind, you must be certain that they are cared for properly. We at TAILored Pet Services are ready to handle that job for you. Call 425-923-7791 or peruse our website if you’re interested in booking our overnight pet sitting services!



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