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Rainy Weather: Why Does My Dog Refuse to Go Outside?

Rainy weather has different effects on people. Some people love hearing the chorus of raindrops, while others cannot stand the humidity that hangs in the air during and after passing showers. Just like with us, rain can also have varied effects on our pets. Dogs specifically have different reactions to rainfall.

If you have a dog or puppy who cannot stand the rain, potty time can turn into a real issue. Finding a solution to that problem should be your priority. Before you can do that, you must first understand the root cause of your puppy’s problems. Continue reading to learn more about the potential reasons.

Your Dog Has a Thunderstorm Phobia

Phobias are not inherent to us. Our pets can also develop them.

According to PetMD, your dog may end up with a thunderstorm phobia if they were not exposed to that weather phenomenon earlier in life. The first crack of thunder your dog hears can catch them off guard, and they may not know how to react.

Some dogs are also predisposed to developing a thunderstorm phobia mainly due to genetics. This is more likely to be an issue if your dog belongs to a herding breed.

Unfortunately, your behavior can also explain why your canine companion fears thunderstorms. Displaying a negative reaction that compounds your pet’s behavior may heighten their anxiety whenever they sense thunderstorms approaching. You may need a trainer to address that problem.

How can you tell if your pet has a thunderstorm phobia? There are some signs to watch out for.

dog anxious about an upcoming thunderstorm may start pacing around your home. They may also cower in fear at your side. Other notable signs include hiding in closets or behind furniture, trembling, drooling, and more frequent urination. Your pet may also attempt to ease their anxiety by displaying destructive behavior.

Of course, the symptoms of a thunderstorm phobia in dogs may also be consistent with other health issues. You cannot assume that your pet has a phobia and risk having an underlying problem compromise their health. Take your pet to the veterinarian to confirm if they have a thunderstorm phobia and work out a treatment plan if needed.

Your Dog Feels Uncomfortable During Rainy Weather

Getting soaked by the rain is typically not a fun experience. That’s why we wear raincoats, boots, and other protective gear in rainy weather. Even then, the minimal moisture that reaches our clothes can make us uncomfortable. The risk of a bad fall that rises when it’s raining outside which also makes prolonged exposure to precipitation less than ideal.

Now, take a moment to imagine what being exposed to the rain feels like for your dog or puppy. Many dogs aren’t fond of baths to begin with. Those same dogs are unlikely to react positively to the rain. No amount of training may teach your dog to get comfortable getting wet in the rain.

Your Dog Is Unfamiliar With Rain

Lastly, your dog may not be keen on the idea of heading out when it’s raining because they don’t know what it is. If that’s the underlying cause of your dog’s rain aversion, they may grow out of that eventually. You can seek help from a trainer if your puppy’s issues are related to that issue.

Not all dogs are fond of the rain. You can change their attitude toward the rain or at least minimize that problem by understanding the underlying cause. Go ahead and use the information in this article to get to the heart of your dog’s rain-related problems.

Your pup needs to potty regularly to stay fit and healthy. If your doesn’t like to potty in rainy weather, TAILored Pet Services can help by minimizing time outside during visits and more time spent indoors. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.



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