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Summer: Safety Tips for Pet Outings

Being stuck at home when the summer heat starts ramping up is not a pleasant experience. To escape the heat, many of us go on vacation during that time of the year. You may be thinking of doing the same thing.

For this coming summer, why not include your cat or dog in your vacation plans? They would probably appreciate going out too.

If you are planning to take your pets along with you on vacation, you must always keep them safe. The tips below will help you keep your pets safe while of you are away from home.

Do Not Leave Your Pet Alone in the Car During Summer

Do you need to pick something up at the supermarket before heading to your destination? In that case, you should buy that before taking your pet along for the ride.

Leaving your pet unattended in the car is asking for trouble. Even if you are only planning to head into the store for a few minutes, that short amount of time could still be dangerous for your pet.

Either pick up what you need at the store ahead of time or drive your pet home before buying it.

Keep the Car Windows Closed while Traveling!

Some folks have a habit of cracking their car windows open during a long drive. That is fine if you are traveling alone or with other people. It is not such a good idea if you have a cat or dog in the car, though.

Your pet may see something interesting along the road and chase after it by jumping out of the window. Even allowing your pet to stick its head through a small opening on top of the window can be dangerous.

Eliminate that risk by keeping the car windows closed while you and your pet are in transit.

Always Accompany Your Pet Near Water

The beach is a popular destination during the summer, and you may be thinking of heading there with your dog. There is nothing wrong with paying a visit to the beach with your pet, but you must keep a close eye on them.

Even if your dog has experience in swimming, it could still get swept up in the waves and lose its balance. They could also drift out to deeper water without you noticing.

Stay close to your pet if you are taking them to beach and prevent any mishaps from taking place.

Cool Down in the Shade During Summer Heat

While walking around the beach or the park with your pet, you may start to notice them breathing heavier or panting faster. That may be because the heat is getting to them.

Cool down for a while by sitting in a shady area. Allow your pet to relax for a bit before moving around again.

Watch Out for the Signs of Heatstroke

Being outside for a prolonged time can be difficult for any pet. If it reaches its limit, the animal could suffer from heatstroke.

Symptoms of heatstroke in pets include difficulty breathing, excessive panting, vomiting, stumbling around, and even collapsing. As soon as any of those signs emerge, you need to treat your pet.

Head indoors and give your pet some water to drink. You can also start dabbing its body with some towels soaked with lukewarm water, according to the American Animal Hospital Association.

Get a read on your pet’s temperature as well. When its temperature reaches 102.5 degrees, you can stop cooling them down.

Hopefully, that will save your pet from a potential heatstroke. If your pet is still exhibiting the signs of heatstroke after 10 minutes of first aid, you should rush them over to the nearest veterinarian.

Heading out with your pet during the summer can be fun, but it also carries some level of risk. Keep the tips we mentioned here in mind to avoid unfortunate incidents while you are out with your pet.

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