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Summer: Pet Care Tips While At Home

The summer season is fast approaching. While summer is typically a time for relaxing and having fun, it is not always a good time for everyone. Your pet cat or dog could be struggling with the heat.

Pets need special attention during that time of the year. Here in this article, we have noted some of the best things you can do for your pet so they can endure the summer heat better. Give them a try and see how helpful they are to your animal companions.

Get Your Pet Checked by the Veterinarian

As a precautionary measure, taking your pet to the veterinarian is never a bad idea. Get the jump on any potential problems by having your pet thoroughly examined.

You can also ask your vet for specific care tips that will help keep your cat or dog comfortable throughout the summer. They may advise you to change up your pet’s diet so they can get more water into their body, for instance.

Groom Your Pets Properly in Summer

Proper grooming can help your cat or dog stay comfortable this coming summer.

When it comes to cats, you should try to brush their coat more often. Removing their stray fur will help them cool off better.

As for the dogs, stick to regular baths and trimming some long hairs. You might think about shaving your dog’s coat off if they are panting continuously, but that’s not a good idea. Shaving off their fur will only make them more susceptible to sunburn.

Refill Your Pet’s Water Bowl Frequently

Staying hydrated during the summer is important both for people and pets. Check your pet’s water bowl regularly to see if there is still enough there to drink. Make it a habit to check every few hours or so if your cat or dog has a small water bowl.

Did you know that your pet’s bowl is the fourth germiest item in your home? Learn more by reading our blog on the topic.

You can also put some ice in the water to help your pet cool down. Avoid putting in big pieces that your pet can pick up and choke on accidentally.

Choose the Right Time for Summer Walks

Adjusting the times when you take your dog for a walk may be necessary during the summer. If you take them for a walk in the middle of the day, the hot ground could burn their paws.

Stick to walking your dog either early in the morning or at night. That way, they can walk all over the place without hurting themselves in the process.

Check for Fleas and Ticks

The American Kennel Club notes that fleas and ticks tend to become more active as the weather starts to warm up. That means your pets become more vulnerable to them as well.

Use powders and other products to keep fleas and ticks away from your pets. Also, check your cat or dog’s coat regularly and see if any of those pests have clung to them.

The summer season can be tough on cats and dogs who do not know how to deal with the oppressive heat. Help them stay comfortable by trying out the tips we talked about here. With continued care, enduring the long summer should become easier for your pets.

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