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2 Early Bird Slots Left: 9am and 9:45am!

Dog Walking Discount


  • 30-minutes ($15 per walk): $250/mo* (4x per week, Monday-Thursday)
  • Visit includes walk for 1-2 dogs (must walk well on leash) or 3+ dogs (potty break in fenced yard)
  • No availability in Everett 98201 or 98203

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1. Back-up walker: When you sign up with many dog walking companies or tech apps like Rover, you are hiring one walker to care for your pup. At Tailored Pet Services (TPS), each client is assigned a primary walker; however, we work as a team so we’ve never missed a walk because off vacation/illness. Here’s what a current client has to say about TPS: “They are small enough to feel like you know them personally, but big enough that if your dog walker is ill or on vacation, they have others who will come and take care of your dog.”

2. Knowledgeable: TPS has been in business since May 2011 so we’ve completed over 5000+ walks. During those walks, we’ve accumulated numerous tips/tricks that we share with our clients such as which harness to purchase or how to alleviate separation anxiety. For questions we don’t know the answers to, we have a network of other pet care companies we can refer you for answers (vets, groomers, trainers, behavior specialists, etc.). We even have a retired vet tech on staff to provide guidance on health-related questions. Here’s a Google Quote from a satisfied client: “Need advice – they are a deep source of experience and knowledge”.

3. Health: Like their owners, canine companions need consistent activity to stay healthy. Working outside the home might mean having a commute to/from the office so you might not have the time to walk the dog before work or too tired afterwards. Tailored Pet Services will take your pup outside to go potty and provide plenty of exercise. Depending on your dog’s needs, it could include a slow stroll, brisk walk or ball throwing in the yard. After our visit, we’ll leave you a report of what took place during visit and send a text message/photo so you know your pup has been exercised.

4. Stimulation: Taking dogs for a walk not only gets the heart pumping but also engages the senses. Your dog will have the opportunity to feel the wind on his/her face, roll around in the newly cut grass, smell the flowers and hear the birds chirping. During the walk, they may see animals like birds/squirrels they want to chase. Instead, Tailored Pet Services will work with your pup using commands you provided to curtail the urge to chase. No need to worry about other dogs getting too close because Tailored Pet Services doesn’t allow other pups to approach. Instead, we turn around or move to the other side of the street to keep everyone safe.

5. Behavior: Dogs are pack animals and don’t like to be left alone. In some cases, dogs will show you how unhappy are to be left alone: tearing up the carpet, shedding blankets, chewing on shoes, tipping over trash cans, pooping in the house, etc. Releasing this energy during a walk will help the dogs be calmer and/or nap ready when they return home which should reduce the chances of a “surprise” when you arrive home.

6. Distractions: When you are at work, you need to be focused on the job not checking your nanny camera to see what trouble your pet has gotten into. You can stop worrying about the messes because the ones that Tailored Pet Services see will be cleaned up prior to the walk. You can look forward to the photo arriving around your lunch break that you can enjoy knowing your pooch is being taken care of.

7. Time: Not everyone works close enough to their home to run home to let the dog out during a lunch break. Tailored Pet Services will come let your dog out mid-day so you don’t have to lose your parking spot. If you take advantage of our early bird time slots, it also could free up time in the morning so you can sleep longer.

8. Bladder/bowel movement: Have you ever taken your dog outside to go potty and it seems to take forever? Some dogs don’t want to be rushed when going to the bathroom. Some dogs may hold it for hours which could lead to urinary tract infections. Exercise assists with the dog’s “plumbing” and helps ensure your dog will pee and/or poop during visit.

9. Guilt/Stress: Knowing your dog is alone at home can leave you feeling guilty or stressed. You may feel guilty that you had to leave them with potty pads on the floor or you may be stressed that they might bark all day. Hiring Tailored Pet Services will provide the peace of mind you need to have a productive workday. You’ll be “guilt-free” because you know you pup will have a fun adventure with his walker!

10. Security: While you are at work, packages left on your door stop are vulnerable to being stolen. When you hire a Tailored Pet Services, we move the packages inside so they stay protected. Also, we can be act as the neighborhood watch and report any suspicious activity.