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Walk and Trains in Everett Area

​For busy dog owners in the Everett, Washington area, juggling work, errands, and quality time with our furry companions can be a challenge. This often leaves us with a dog yearning for exercise and mental stimulation, while walks can be a tug-of-war (literally!). Enter the walk and train program – a solution offered by TAILored Pet Services that combines the benefits of a refreshing walk with positive reinforcement training.

What is a Walk and Train Program?

A walk and train program is a service offered by TAILored Pet Services, your local dog training and pet sitting company. It combines a structured walk with obedience training throughout the outing. This allows your dog to expend energy, explore new environments, and learn valuable skills simultaneously.


Benefits for Your Dog

  • Exercise and Mental Stimulation: Walks provided by TAILored Pet Services ensure much-needed physical activity for your dog. The training sessions woven into the walk offer mental stimulation, keeping them engaged and preventing boredom.
  • Improved Leash Manners: Walk and train programs from TAILored Pet Services address common walking woes like pulling, lunging, and barking. Trainers can help your dog learn to walk calmly on a leash, making walks more enjoyable for both of you.
  • Socialization: During TAILored Pet Services’ walk and train outings, your dog will be exposed to new sights, sounds, and smells in various locations around Everett. This helps them become comfortable in different environments. Trainers can also guide you on how to properly socialize your dog with other dogs, people, vehicles, equipment and noises encountered during walks.

Benefits for You

  • Convenience: Having TAILored Pet Services take care of both walking and training needs frees up your time.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your dog is getting exercise, training, and mental stimulation in a safe and controlled environment with a trusted professional from TAILored Pet Services provides peace of mind.
  • More Enjoyable Walks: With improved leash manners and behavior thanks to TAILored Pet Services’ walk and train program, walks become less stressful and more enjoyable for you.

Who Can Benefit from a Walk and Train Program with TAILored Pet Services?

Walk and train programs from TAILored Pet Services are beneficial for dogs of all ages and breeds.  Puppies can learn basic commands, proper leash etiquette, and socialization skills in a positive and engaging way with our experienced trainers.  Adult dogs with common walking problems can benefit from behavior modification techniques incorporated into the walks.  Even well-trained dogs can enjoy the mental stimulation and variety provided by a TAILored Pet Services walk and train session.

Finding the Perfect Walk and Train Program for Your Dog

At TAILored Pet Services, we use positive reinforcement training methods to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for your dog.  Our trainers are experienced and qualified to address your dog’s specific needs. We offer consultations prior to beginning walk & train walks to discuss your dog’s personality and training goals, ensuring the program is a perfect fit.

Invest in Your Dog’s Happiness and Well-being with TAILored Pet Services

A walk and train program from TAILored Pet Services is an investment in your dog’s physical and mental health, as well as your relationship with them.  By combining exercise, training, and quality time outdoors, our walk and train programs can create a well-rounded, happy, and well-behaved canine companion. Complete contact form today to learn more about how we can help your dog thrive!