Veronica: Everett 98208 & Mill Creek 98012 Walker

Veronica, Everett 98208 and Mill Creek 98012 walker,walking George and Snickers. I was born/raised in Colombia and came to the United States in 1999 after marrying an American citizen (his family is from Colombia too). Spanish is my first language so I’m more than happy to talk to your dogs in my native tongue but I can speak in English too.

I have owned several dogs and every breed is special to me. Like other beings, dogs respond to love and patience. When you have these two things, everything is possible.

I love playing, talking to and walking dogs. I am very attentive to how every doggie is acting and to try to understand if there’s something wrong or he/she doesn’t like doing something.

I also enjoy life at home with my kids plus my beloved 2.5 years old Siberian Huskie.

When not caring for my family/dogs, I spend time on my hobbies which include participating in Zumba, going to the movies or staying in to watch TV.

I treat every pet like my own doggy and I love having the opportunity to walk/spend time with yours.