dog-walk-adventure-specialDoes your dog bark wildly when you grab the leash, gallop across your yard to pounce on bugs, play tug-of-war with giant sticks or drag you down the road trying to chase squirrels? Does the thought of burning off your pups excessive energy instead of enjoying the nice summer weather fill you with dread?

If your answer is YES, then our On-Leash Park Adventures are for you! Monday-Friday, Tailored Pet Services offers a 1 hour round-trip adventure at a park in Snohomish County. Your dog will enjoy a private trip to a park or trail to enjoy time in a new environment. We’ll spend 30-45 minutes at the park depending on travel time. When you arrive home from work, you’ll find a tired but happy dog.

Sign-up for one of our summer park adventures! We have four plans to choose from:

dog walking special

  • Purchase 3 months = earn two weeks free walks*!

  • Purchase 2 months = earn one week of free walks*!

*2-3 months of weekly service at 60-minutes per visit with a minimum of two walks per week is required to take advantage of this offer.  Number of free walks will be determined by the number of weekly scheduled walks. For example, if you scheduled four 60-minute walks a week, you will receive eight 60-minute free walks. Free walks can be used immediately following the end of the 2-3 months. 

Ready to Book Fido A Summer Adventure?