Six Free Walks

Sign up for three 5x per week monthly packages, receive a gift certificate for two walks per month ($50/month value for 30-minute package)*

*Restrictions: must sign up for a minimum of 3 months of service. Dog walks must be completed between 10am-3pm Monday-Friday. Instead of losing a walk when you cancel, we’ll extend future walks (i.e. skip a 30-minute walk, we’ll increase two walks to 45-minutes). Mention “six free walks” when scheduling service.

Why Clients Use Our Dog Walking Service

Francesca playing ball with our North Everett Clients

(1) Work long hours but want their dog to receive a daily potty break.

(2) Physically unable to walk their dog every day due to a disability, injury or illness.

(3) Live busy lives or have other commitments so enjoy the convenience of a having a professional dog walker to let their dogs out when they can’t


Still unsure about hiring a walker?  

Many of our current customers asked the questions below:

Ready to Book Fido A Walker?

Wondering what we do during a walk? Watch our video for a sneak peak.

More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call 425-923-7791.

Want to read what our clients have to say about us? Visit our Thumbtack or Angie’s list profile.

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