Furry babies are sometimes afraid of strange noises at night. We understand! We will have a slumber party in your home with your pets as the guest of honor so they will remain in their own environment and maintain their normal routine.

Our overnight services include staying overnight (including sleeping with your pet if that is part of the routine) as well as the other tasks listed below (note: mid-day visits and/or walks are an additional charge).

Pet Sitting Tasks
• Food and Fresh Water
• Walk, Exercise, and Playtime
• Administer medication (no injections)
• Litter box scooped, pet waste removal
• Treats for good pets (if allowed)
• Provide love and attention for them as if they were our own
• Clean-up pet messes (vomit & potty accidents)
• Brushing for willing participants
• Observing pet’s mood, health, well-being and safety
• Visit log

Household Tasks
• Water indoor plants
• Alternate blinds and lights
• Pick up mail, newspapers, flyers and packages
• Check overall security of your home
• Transport the trash cans/recycle bins to/from curb
• Sweep and/or vacuum after your pet (if equipment provided)

In our own way, we take care of you, as well. Our visit logs detail the shenanigans and noteworthy events that transpire during each visit. Depending on your travel plans, your pet sitter can text or email each day’s journal entries to you at the end of the day so you can stay connected with your pet’s busy life or you can read them when you return. If you want an even more personal connection, feel free to call the sitter while he/she is at your home so he/she can give you a first-hand account of how your pets are doing. We know how important that connection is, and do our best to alleviate any separation anxiety that may occur on your part.

All of this means you will come home to happy pets who have been well cared for, so you and your pet can get right to the quality time!

We offer three options (10-hour, 12-hour and 16-hour) so please see our rates page for pricing guide.

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