Using the services of a Dog Pet Sitter


Are you worried about the well-being of your dogs during your vacations?

Below are three reasons our clients use TAILored Pet Services’ Holiday and/or Vacation Dog Care Service:

1. They feel uncomfortable asking friends or loved ones to care for their furry babies

2. They are worried their four legged friends will be stressed in a boarding facility.

3. They are looking for the most knowledgeable, reliable and professional pet sitting service in the area.

Ready to book an sitter for Fluffy or Fido? 

Still unsure about hiring an overnight sitter? Watch video about what happens during an overnight visit or read the answers to some of our frequently asked the questions:

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More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call 425-923-7791.

More Information About Our Dog Sitting/Overnight Services

Dogs are pack animals so we require a minimum of three visits per day ($30/visit) so your dog can be let out for 30-minutes in the morning, mid-day and before your dog goes to sleep for the night. Another solution is our 16 hour overnight which includes us arriving at 5pm and staying until 9am the next morning ($90). We recommend the overnight package because it cost the same as three visits but your dog receives an additional 14.5 hours of care.

During an overnight, your pet nanny will spend the night in your home with all of its familiar scents, sounds, beds and sofas – to give your pet a relaxing evening (and morning) while you’re away. During our visit, we take them out, refresh their water and prepare their meals; however, we spend the majority of the time giving them the affection they need which including sleeping with them all night. Because the visit also includes the evening and morning routines, it eliminates the need for individual AM and PM visits and the additional cost of these visits.

We also provide vital home-care services: picking up mail and/or newspaper, placing trash outside for pickup, alternating lights and opening/closing the blinds to make your house look lived in.

We always leave a progress report after each visit; however, we can also send you a text message so you can spend your vacation relaxing rather than worrying about your dogs. We even have one client who calls each night so she can “talk” to hers.

Rest assured that our company is licensed, bonded and insured and many of our nannies have worked in vet offices at vet assistants and vet techs. If your pet needs medical attention, we will take her to her own vet or the nearest 24-hour emergency care center.