Using a Dog Walking Service

Tracy walking Maya, one of our Edmonds 98026 clients

Need help walking your dog?

Parents of canine furry children who use TAILored Pet Services’ Dog Walking Service:

(1) Work long hours but want their dog to receive a daily potty break.

(2) Physically unable to walk their dog every day due to a disability, injury or illness. 

(3) Live busy lives or have other commitments so enjoy the convenience of a having a professional dog walker to let their dogs out when they can’t

Ready to book a dog walker for Fido? 

Still unsure about hiring a Dog Walker?  Watch video about what happens during a dog walk or read the answers to some of our frequently asked the questions:

Ready to Book Fido A Dog Walker? 

Wondering what we do during a dog walk? Watch our video for a sneak peak.

More questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call 425-923-7791.


More Information about Our Dog Walking and Exercise Service

Each dog has different needs and requirements so our mid-day service is not a one size fits all. We take great pride in the personalized service and attention we provide each dog and their owner. Our mid-day clients include dogs of all ages including puppies and seniors as well as all sizes including terriers and Greyhounds.

Our most popular mid-day service is dog walking. We never pack walk so we only walk 1-2 dogs from the same household at the pace you request. We normally walk around your neighborhood; however, we can take your dog on a field trip to a nearby park for a change of scenery. The majority of our dog walking clients prefer a 30-minute walk but some request 45, 60 or 75 minutes.

Another service we offer that is perfect for puppies and senior dogs are mid-day potty breaks. Our puppies/senior dogs don’t have the stamina for a walk so we let them out so they can go the bathroom and then we spend the rest of the visit playing and cuddling with them. Most of our potty break clients prefer a 15-minute visit but some request 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

We aren’t dog trainers; however, we will use the commands you give us so we can reinforce the training you have started.

When we arrive, we access your home with a key or code and then we spend the majority of the time giving your dog the affection he/she needs. During our visit, we take them out, refill their water (if necessary) and provide TLC. We always leave a visit log after each visit; however, we can also send you a text message letting you know we’ve been there so you have peace of mind through the rest of your day.

We offer a very customizable service and actual price depends on a variety of factors so please see our rates page for pricing guide.