Alternative to a Kennel

Are you worried your dogs will miss your companionship while you’re away?

Below are five reasons our clients use TAILored Pet Services’ In-Home Boarding Service:

  1. Personalized, 24-hour care for 1-2 dogs from same household
  2. Free reign to explore home
  3. Allowed to sleep on the master bed (with your approval).
  4. Enjoy exploring and playing in secure/fenced yard.
  5. Stick to their feeding, bathroom break and medications schedule

Two options available:

  1. First option is to stay in a home with no other animals which is perfect for dogs who prefer being the top dog or don’t get along with other pets.
  2. Second option includes a warm welcome from two canine friends Duchess and Max and two feline friends Kitty C and BB which is a perfect solution for dogs who love socialization.

Ready to schedule in-home boarding for Bella and Spot? 

Still unsure about trying in-home boarding?  Watch video about what happens during a visit: