Riannon-Everett 98208/Mill Creek Walker

I am a Washington Native and love living in this beautiful State, rain and all. I have a great love for animals of all kinds that was instilled in me as far back as I can remember. I had the privilege of getting to spend the a lot of my life on an over 40 acre farm my Grandparents own. They raised everything from miniature horses and pigs to cows and chickens. My favorite part of being on the farm was that there was always new life all around me. The kittens that lived in the barn and the puppies that lived in the house. My Grandmother was a Caretaker at heart. She opened her home to help take care of elderly and disabled people that needed her assistance. Her farm gave them a place to spend the rest of their life enjoying the beautiful nature and animals on her property. I guess it’s just in my blood to want to do the same thing and help take care of animals and their humans.

I started working in the Veterinary field shortly after graduating from High School. I have gained so much love and knowledge along the way and loved being able to help people and their pets so much that I continued to work as a Client/Patient Representative for over 15 years, mostly with dogs and cats. I took a small break after having my son to stay home with him while he was a baby, but I could not stay away though. I went back and spent several years working for a specialty animal hospital that took care of birds, fish and exotic animals until my husbands job required us to move to Tacoma. It was not long before I really missed it so much that I made the trip every day from South Tacoma to the Mill Creek area for another year. The rush hour commute was pretty tough though so we decided together that I would stay home with my son until he started Kindergarten. Once again my husbands job required that he be transferred, but this time it was back home to the Everett area where our roots are and where I had spent so many years making such great bonds with animals and their humans. I was ecstatic to be back and knew it wouldn’t be long before I would find a place that needed me as much as I needed them.

I took my time and pondered working more on a one on one basis with animals and their humans. I had done a lot of at home care on the side for my special animal friends that needed me through my years. I would stay with them while their Owners were away and loved being able to do that. I hoped to be able to do something like that again someday. I decided that now that my son is in school all day that there is no better time then the present to get back into to my passion of helping animals and their humans. I heard through the internet and through someone that my husband works with that Antigone with Tailored Pet Services was looking for help. I got in contact with her and I am
honored to say that I am now a part of this amazing team. I look forward to meeting all of you and to building great relationships along the way.

Along with my son I am also the proud Mommy of two fur babies Geisha our 14 year old Weimaraner that we rescued when she was a baby and Nichi our 9 month old Manx kitten who’s Fur Mommy rejected him and he needed to be bottle fed. We have been parents to many fur babies. We have had two other cats, four ferrets, two rabbits a water dragon and a wide variety of tropical fish.

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