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Different dog breeds



Regardless of what type of breed you have, Tailored Pet Services is available to help care for him/her.


#1. This "lion dog" often snores!

Correct answer is Pekingese. This breed is hardly dainty. Listen to them snore when they hit the sack! They can be stubborn, but sweet, and are often brave. They have thick, long coats and mane-like hair around their heads, making them look like little lions. So you know: all that fur needs lots of combing and they have to be kept cool in hot weather.

#2. What breed was the first dog to aid the blind?

Correct answer is German Shepherd: Although there are many different breeds of dogs used for this task, it is a canine role most associated with Labradors and Retrievers. However, the first guide dog for the visually impaired was actually a German Shepherd Dog. ‘The Seeing Eye’ was founded in 1929 by Mrs. Harrison Eustis. The purpose of this foundation was to train dogs to guide the blind. The first dogs they trained were German Shepherd Dogs.

#3. What is the national dog of France?

Correct answer is Poodle. These dogs are so much more than a bouffant hairdo. They’re smart, active, and love to be around people. They’ve worked as military dogs, duck hunters, service dogs, and circus performers. Although they’re beloved in France, their name is actually German. It comes from “pfudel,” meaning puddle or splash. That’s because they were known for being so good at hunting water birds.

#4. Which dog has a holy history?

Correct answer is Lhasa Apso. These bold, independent dogs used to be monastery watchdogs in Tibet. Some people believed that when Buddhist priests died, their souls entered the bodies of these tiny dogs.

#5. According to the AKC, which breed has held the Number 1 ranking of the most popular dog breeds since 1991?

Correct answer is Labrador Retriever. This big, friendly dog is a favorite pet. Years ago, their job was to retrieve game and help fishermen pull in their nets. Now, because they’re so playful and sweet, they’re an ideal family dog. They get along well with kids and other pets. They’re kind, outgoing, and happy to be part of a busy family. They need exercise every day and regular brushing.