Do we offer a dog walking discount for elderly/disabled dog owners?

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We have one walker (Chase) who specializes in servicing our elderly/disabled clients who need help walking their dogs. Read what two of these clients have to say about our services:

  1. Even though it has only been a week, my 2 dogs (Snickers and Jack) love the time spent with their walker, Chase. I invested in a professional dog walking company, TAILored Pet Services and do not regret the decision. I did this to burn off their excess energy; however, they come home with more than when they left which is a VERY GOOD thing. When they are like this, I know they are happy and love the attention given to them by Chase. ~ Toby, Everett
  2. When hiring a dog walker to visit your four legged friends, he/she should belong to an incredible group of people and I believe the person who walks my girls is one of those people.  Chase recently helped me with a medical issue by returning to my house after my dogs were walked, helping me to the emergency room, staying with me until it was done, and taking me home.  If a person who will go the extra mile to help a dog owner, what lengths will they go to help a beloved pet?  My thanks to Chase.  Jim, Everett

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