What is a normal body temperature for my dog?

Lethargic English Bulldog in a grassAnswer: According to WebMD, the normal body temperature for Fido is between 101 and 102.5 F so your dog would have a fever if his temperature was more than 103F.

Fever symptoms may include: depressed mood, lethargy, loss of appetite, shivering, vomiting, nasal discharge and/or coughing.

A hot and dry nose does not mean your dog has a fever. Taking his temperature rectally is the only accurate way to find out.

Before taking Fido’s temperature, lubricate thermometer with baby oil or petroleum gel. Next, insert thermometer gently approximately an inch into Fido’s anus then wait for results. Digital thermometers created for rectal use in dogs should take approximately 60 seconds to register.

Call your veterinarian if Fido has a temperature greater than 103 F. A body temperature over 106°F indicates an emergency situation.