Why are daily cat pet sitting visits required?

Sometimes, we receive requests to visit cat clients every 2-3 days. At Tailored Pet Services (TPS), we insist on a minimum of once a day visits because of the numerous ways your cats’ safety may be compromised if not visited daily. We’ve listed ten examples below:

  1. If your cats likeTeenie, Everett Pet Sitting Cat Client to hide in closets, cabinets, or areas where doors can close; it is imperative for someone to check on cats daily to ensure they didn’t get locked in a place they can’t get out of.
  2. Some cats are smart enough turn on water faucets so ensuring the tub or sink isn’t overflowing will prevent damage to your home and guarantee your cats’ safety.
  3. According to PetMD, gastrointestinal obstruction or “blockage” is a “fairly common condition to which cats are susceptible” and “the sooner the condition is diagnosed and resolved, the better” which is why we insist on coming daily so we can act if something is wrong.
  4. Cats sometimes become injured and need immediate medical attention. Examples may include injuries from a cat fight (if you have two or more cats) or falling.
  5. Some cats like to drop toys into their water bowl or knock it over which leaves them without fresh water.
  6. Blue, Everett Pet Sitting Cat ClientSome cats like a clean litterbox so when days of excrement accumulates, they become upset and have accidents somewhere else.
  7. In some cases, cats will eat all the food left for them within a few hours out of boredom which means your furry baby will be hungry for days.
  8. Cats are curious so they might eat plants/household objects that could be harmful to them.
  9. Sometimes, cats expel a hairball into their water bowl making it undrinkable.
  10. If your heat stop working, the temperature in your home may drop and put your cat in danger.

Due to the above ten factors, we must visit your kitty every day because we believe cats need as much love and attention as any other living creature. Tailored Pet Services is proud to provide your cats with premium care!