Q: Dog walking or doggie daycare?

A. Many dog owners consider Fido and Fifi important family members so the decision to sign up them for doggie daycare or hiring a dog walker for them is a significant one. The first step is determining if they are suitable candidates for doggie daycare.


  • Good physical health
  • Spayed/neutered
  • Enjoy socializing in a pack and being around other dogs
  • Comfortable in new environments
  • Content around unfamiliar dogs and people


  • Unvaccinated puppies
  • Unneutered males/females in heat
  • Little to no socialization with other dogs
  • Tries to dominate other dogs
  • Intense energy scares and/or annoys other dogs
  • Poor social skills
  • Herding breeds who try to control other dogs’ activities
  • Bitten another dog
  • Aggressive (growling, snarling, or snapping) towards other dogs
  • Avoids or just tolerates other dogs due to fear, tension or anxiety

Once you’ve decided which category your dog falls into, ask yourself the following five questions to confirm which environment would be best for your dog.

  1. Would Fido enjoy playing with canine friends all day? Daycare is like going to an amusement park: the loud noises, crowds, and numerous sights/smells may be wonderful to some; however, an unfamiliar environment and crowds of people bumping into each other might be scary.Puppy_With_Toy
  2. Would Fifi prefer personalized attention? Some dogs would love the opportunity to play tag and wrestle with furry friends. Others would prefer someone to take them for a walk then play a game of fetch with their favorite toy in their own yard.
  3. Does Fido like to sleep a lot? Some dogs have no problem taking a nap while other dogs play nearby; however, some may find it taxing to be repeatedly bothered by other dogs during their siesta.
  4. Do I have the resources (time and money) to take Fifi to the vet? Being current on shots is usually a requirement before signing up for daycare. Also, Fifi may get nipped or contract an illness that requires a trip to the vet.
  5. Is transporting my dog to/from daycare convenient? Driving 10-15 minutes in the opposite direction of your work (adding 30 minutes to your commute) and possibly arriving late because of an unexpected traffic problem are factors to consider.

Based on your answers to the above five questions, hopefully, you now have a better idea of what option is best for you and your dog. Are you still undecided? The answer can be “both”. Fido may thrive with a combination of 1-3 days of day care mixed with 2-3 days of private dog walks.

Have you decided a private dog walker is the right choice for you and Fido? TAILored Pet Services is here to help with your dog’s activity needs. We offer numerous monthly packages depending on your needs. Visit our monthly rates page for more information.