Need help letting your puppy out for a potty break?

Woman Playing With PuppyWhy puppy parents use TAILored Pet Services’ Mid-Day Visits:

(1) Work outside the home but want their puppy to receive potty breaks every few hours.

(2) Physically unable to take their puppy outside due to a disability, injury or illness.

(3) Sometime work overtime so enjoy the peace of mind of a having a pet nanny stop by to feed and take outside when they can’t

5x per week package (additional packages available)

  • Two – 15-min visits* (1-2 puppies)…………………$35/day
  • Two – 30-min visits* (1-2 puppies)…………………$40/day

*Weekdays: first visit 9-11am/second visit 1-3pm

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More Information about puppy potty breaks:

When you bring your new puppy home, it is a joyous time but eventually you will need to go back to work. You may be wondering – “who’s going to let my new furry baby out for potty breaks during the day?” No need to panic – call Tailored Pet Services to arrange your pet nanny!

When you call, text or email, we’ll ask some questions about Bella’s current potty break schedule because it’s vital to predict how often she needs to be taken outside. We’ve done 500+ puppy visits so we realize Bella’s bathroom schedule will change as she ages. For example, one of our client started with two visits a day (we visited every four hours) and now she is switching to once a day.

With our unpredictable Pacific Northwest weather that sometimes includes rain, humans and their furry baby might not want to spend too much time outside. Sometimes, your puppy refuses to walk on the wet grass or you don’t feel like standing in the rain while Bella decides where to go so she finds a spot behind the couch to relieve herself. You would love to predict how frequently Bella needs to go potty to reduce the chance of an accident.

How Often Should A Puppy Be Let Out?

Puppy’s ability to “hold it” increases with age so according to Dogtime, “general rule of thumb is that a puppy can hold it for as many hours as she is months old, plus one–for a three-month-old pup, that’s four hours. Other times you should take her for a potty break is after she finishes a play session, drinks/eats or awakens from a nap/after a good night’s sleep and before bed. Indications she may need to go out: pacing, whining, sniffing ground or circling. When you observe these behaviors, take outside immediately.

When does my puppy become an adult?

As mentioned earlier, a puppy’s potty break schedule will change as she grows into an adult. Your next question may be – “when do I know my puppy has reached adulthood? According to Pedigree, “puppies mature into adults at a different time, which means that a large dog breed will mature into an adult at about 15 months, while smaller breeds will be puppies for only 9 months.”

Solution for When You Can’t Take Your Puppy Out

As we mentioned above, it isn’t always possible to let puppy in and out while at work. In these cases, we recommend hiring a pet nanny rather than using a pet door or doggy daycare because Bella hasn’t received all her vaccinations yet.

When we visit, we’ll escort your puppy outside when she needs to relieve herself for two reasons: (1) we can keep an eye on her to ensure she doesn’t ingest things like feces/toxic plants/mushrooms and (2) we can oversee her output because deposits providing early warnings to health conditions.

Eager to get started? We can start in as soon as two business days so contact us today!