Overnight Pet Nanny Position

Tailored Pet Services’ overnight vacation care team has diverse experience in pet care and they use that knowledge to provide companionship and comfort to furry clients from 5pm to 9am while their humans travel.  While living in a client’s home, Overnight Pet Nannies will wash food/water bowls before refilling, walk dogs/dispose of poop, and clean litter boxes/accidents from floors. Additional services may include administering medications, vacuuming cat litter/pet hair, mopping floors to eliminate muddy paw prints or collecting packages/newspaper/mail.

This job may be right for you if…

  • Enjoy being away from home for 7+ nights per month (jobs can last anywhere from 2 nights to 3 weeks).
  • Friend or family member will care for your pets while you are gone.
  • You are available to work evenings, weekends and federal holidays.
  • Certain amount of weekly income isn’t necessary (we go to work when our clients request service so there is no guarantee of work/assignments).
  • Schedule allows for you to stay in a client’s home CONTINUOUSLY from 5:00pm-9:00am or 7:00pm-7:00am.
  • Feel comfortable living in a client’s home and believe in being neat/tidy.
  • Interested in working with us for at least one year (pets will want to develop a long-term relationship with you).
  • Possess two OVERNIGHT pet sitting references (friends or family count).


Overnight pet sits are paid on a project pay rate basis ($45 for 10-hour, $50 for 12 hour and $65 for 16-hour)/no mileage.

To land this gig, you must LOVE both dogs and cats. A reliable car and cell phone with internet access is necessary so you can drive to/from assignment and send photos to client via text/email. Your assignments take place when clients are on vacation so you may need to be away from home 2-21 nights including federal holidays (Thanksgiving weekend and December 22-January 2 are most popular). Because you will have access to clients’ keys and alarm codes, passing a federal background check is a must.

If interested, please complete our on-line application by clicking on the following link: https://tailoredpetservices.com/overnight-application/