Exclusive Off-Leash Adventure Trips

You don’t need to leave your home to treat your dog to an hour-long adventure or a half-day of play/training session in a safe, PRIVATE, fenced 1/4 acre off-leash area surrounded by natural wetlands.

off-leash adventure in private 1/4 fenced area

All our options include pick up and drop off at your home, a customized adventure, lots of appropriate exercise, plenty of love and a texted photo. Your dog will arrive home happy, tired and ready to flop down for a long nap!

Safety is our top priority so we practice “social distancing”. When we pick up your pup, we’ll be wearing gloves/mask and wipe down surfaces we touch with 409.

Activity during each adventure will meet your dog’s needs and desires. From young pups to seniors, one-hour visits or half-day stays are TAILored to be safe and fun for everyone. Most

dogs don’t want to stay at home all day, alone, cooped up and bored. With our off-leash visits and stays, they don’t have to!

Adventure choices are:

  • Option 1: One-hour adventure (approximately 90-minute trip including travel time) which includes lots of playtime and a half-hour dog walk (if requested)
  • Option 2: A half-day adventure includes 30-minutes of training for two basic training skills of your choice, using only positive training techniques, playtime, naps and a half-hour dog walk (if requested). More information about the trainer* and the training offered located below.

These adventure options are ideal for dogs who:

  • off-leash adventureAre cooped up inside and/or don’t have access to off-leash play areas
  • Have difficulty playing with other dogs
  • Suffer from anxiety issues
  • Need a quiet area to play in
  • Don’t have all their shots yet
  • Aren’t spayed or neutered or are in heat so they can’t play with other dogs
  • Need individual training done while you’re busy

To keep your pups safe, we have a few requirements:

  • No history of aggression towards people
  • No communicable illnesses or parasites. (adventure trip will be cancelled if so)
  • Proof of rabies shot
  • Dog must wear a collar with current license and ID tags, including owner contact info

*Option 2 – Dog training choices during adventure!

woman training dog to sit during daycareWe are partnering with certified positive trainer, Lise Lausiva, CCS, owner of Paws Afoot to offer this option. During your dog’s half-day adventure, Lise will provide a half-hour, one-on-one training session which includes training two basic skills, a short video for your “at home” training and detailed written directions emailed to you.

Choose two of the following basic training skills: “go to bed”, “sit”, “down”, “stay”, recall (coming to you), “leave it”, stop pulling, “heel”, walking nicely on a leash, focus and control skills, “drop it” and “fetch”. All puppies and dogs are welcome! For more information about option 2, click on link.