Using the Services of a Cat Sitter

Are you worried about the well-being of your cats during your vacations?

Below are three reasons our clients use TAILored Pet Services’ Cat Sitting Service:

1. They feel uncomfortable asking friends or loved ones to care for their furry babies

2. Their cat has special needs such as medication or unique feeding instructions.

3. They are looking for the most knowledgeable, reliable and professional pet sitting service in the area.

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Still unsure about hiring an cat sitter? Many of our current clients asked the questions below:

Using the Services of a Walker


(1) Work long hours but want their dog to receive a daily potty break.

(2) Physically unable to walk their dog every day due to a disability, injury or illness.

(3) Live busy lives or have other commitments so enjoy the convenience of a having a professional dog walker to let their dogs out when they can’t

Still unsure about hiring a walker?  Many of our current customers asked the questions below:

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