Natalie-Everett 98208 and Mill Creek Walker

I have loved animals my whole life. Dogs and horses are my favorites! I was in 4H as a kid as well as showed Golden Retrievers in AKC junior showmanship. I also showed jumped horses in Bolivia, South America. I believe animals are just amazing! They can be your best friend, closest companion, and bring a smile to your face every day. I have owned and cared for almost every kind of pet including- hamsters, turtles, fish, lizards, birds, bunnies, cats, dogs, and horses (working at Petsmart will do that to you) I have also cared for many friend’s and family’s pets including fish, dogs, cats, and horses. My whole career has been based around animals, working in pet sitting, at boarding kennels, and vet clinics, I just love being around them!

Bacon: (German Shepherd/Rottie mix) My very first dog. My family got her when I was 11. She was wild and crazy and very protective. I went through 4H with her and she became a wonderfully trained pet and my best friend for the next 10 years!

Savannah: (German Shepherd) She was the smartest dog I ever owned. Thanks to my previous 4H training I trained her to do everything and anything I wanted. She was amazing!

Trixie: (Golden Retriever) I borrowed her from my 4H leader and showed her in AKC junior showmanship. She was a real sweetheart, loving and cuddly, a joy to care for!

Kazi: (Kitty) I picked Kazi out of a shopping cart in front of Petsmart when he was a baby and it was love ever since. He was an opinionated kitty that didn’t like any other dogs or cats than his own dog (Tatum) in his house and he wasn’t afraid to show it!

Rocko and Shasha: (Rottweilers) They were my two babies. They shared my couch, my bed and my car with me constantly. They were the nicest dogs outside of their yard. . . in it. . .now that’s a different story! Lets just say I was always safe and protected!!

Jezzy: (Rottweiler) I used to say she was a lab in a rottie’s body. She loved everyone she met and couldn’t wait for people to come pet her while we were out and about. It took a lot of patience and hard work, however, getting her to be ok with other dogs because when I got her, she had been living in someone’s backyard for 4 yrs all alone, never let out, and came out of it with a strong prey instinct. But we worked long and hard and she slowly became dog friendly.

Mazie: (Mini Aussie) She is 6 mos old and my current baby, we are working on agility to burn off all of her constant energy and I hope to begin showing her soon. She is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold who loves to do nothing more than play!

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