Benefits for your dog:
•    Supplies an outlet for their energy
•    Offers a break during the day
•    Takes place rain or shine

Benefits for you:
•    Don’t have to rush home to avoid a mess
•    Dog may want to relax WITH you when you come home
•    Guarantee your best friend will be let outside

DogToilet-BPotty Break-15 Minute (Monday-Friday)^

  • 15-min 5x/week: $360*/month (based on $16/walk)
  • 15-min 4x/week: $310*/month (based on $17/walk)
  • 15-min 3x/week $235*/month (based on $18/walk)
  • 15-minute 2x/week: $170*/month (based on $19/walk)

Dog Walk-30 Minute Monday-Friday^ (longer visits available)


  • 30-min 5x/week: $405*/month (based on$18/walk) 
  • 30-minute 4x/week: $345*/month (based on$19/walk)
  • 30-minute 3x/week $260*/month (based on$20/walk)
  • 30-minute 2x/week: $180*/month (based on$21/walk)

TAILored Pet Services mid-day dog services can be “tailored” to your needs. For example, we can walk fast or slow depending on your dog’s activity needs. For potty breaks, we can spend as much of the 15-minutes outside as you specify.

Hiring a professional will help reduce your stress-level because you’ll know that your best friend will be loved during the day and provide a peace of mind because you won’t need to worry about letting your dog out when you need to stay late at the office.

Contact today to set up a free consultation so we can discuss your “tailored” dog service!

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*To participate in our monthly dog walking memberships, you must enroll by signing a membership contract. Clients not participating in our membership programs will be billed $25/30-minute walk. ^ Rates are based on Monday-Friday walks; however, we offer weekend dog walks in certain areas for an additional $5/walk.