Pet Host: 1+ year commitment

Pet HostThank you for your interest in joining the Tailored Pet Services (TPS) pet vacation care team. We are always excited to work with other pet lovers!

Please note, the following six items are required to secure employment as a TPS independent contractor:

  1.  Safety of client’s pets is our primary goal so no personal pets can be living in the home during service.
  2. Confirmation from the city that your home has appropriate zoning for such work.
  3. Own home or provide a letter from landlord agreeing to private boarding.
  4. Sign a contract for minimum of one year.
  5.  Pass a federal background check.
  6. Two in-home boarding references


Our assignments provide an incredible opportunity to spend time with a variety of animals on a part-time basis to supplement an existing income. Applicants should be aware that this type of work is a big responsibility — living, breathing animals will be relying on you to be a punctual, organized and competent care giver. Trustworthiness, plenty of common sense, and an ability to follow detailed instructions are key criteria to working with us.

Two steps occur when a client requests service: (1) we learn about the personality and lifestyle of pet and (2) if we feel client is a good fit for you, we arrange a time for client to meet you in your home in ensure a match.

Job Details & Responsibilities

  1.  Home must be free from obvious and known hazards because dogs will chew on things.
  2.  Fenced-in yard and doors that latch properly.
  3.  Available to walk dogs several times a day.
  4. Safe and sanitary place to contain client’s dogs when you are not home.
  5. WHOLE FAMILY must be excited to take in pets.
  6. Proof of liability insurance. (We will add you to our policy to cover the pets in your care and damage to your property).
  7. Understand that there will be accidents, illnesses and messes to clean up.
  8. Familiar with and able to care for the breeds that you agree to board.


Compensation: $30/dog per 24-hour period


How to Apply: complete application below: