Francesca-Everett/Lynnwood Overnight Sitter

Francesca-Pet Vacation Visitor and Back-up Dog WalkerI was born and raised southern California, and have loved animals since childhood. Growing up with one parent severely allergic to most pets meant that I was always seeking out ways to care for and spend time with animals as much as I could. I walked neighbors’ dogs, entertained my friends’ playful cats, at one point helped a friend wash their horses, and would always volunteer to pet sit whenever a friend or relative needed help. My passion for animal care continued through school, where I volunteered for animal rescue services, job-shadowed at a vet clinic, and made the decision to become a veterinarian.

For a short time, I stayed in Australia and had the wonderful opportunity to work as a vet assistant at a clinic that practiced alternative veterinary medicine, and as an assistant dog groomer where I also cared for rabbits and guinea pigs that the groomer would breed and find homes for. Being able to take time to gain solid and varied experience in the field helped me realize that animal care was not just a job for me – it was a fulfilling career I could excel in, that brought purpose to my life. After deciding I wanted to make my home in the Pacific Northwest, I moved to Washington where I’m now in the process of studying pre-veterinary medicine at Everett Community College.

In my spare time, I photograph wildlife and pets, and have previously given my services to a small dog rescue in Los Angeles as their main photographer to help boost their visibility and adoption rates. My other leisure hobbies include hiking, reading, sketching, and cooking.

Being able to dog walk and pet sit gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful, adorable new pets and form a bond with them and their owners. I love being able to ensure that clients’ furry family members are being looked after as if they were my own.

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