5 Reasons To Hire a Dog Walker

Daily exercise is a vital part of a dog’s everyday routine; however, what happens if you work long hour so you can’t take Fido out for a mid-day bathroom break? Engaging the services of a professional dog walker ensures your dog enjoys the benefits of a daily walk. Below, we’ve listed five reasons to hire a dog walker to visit Fido when you’ll be gone 8+ hours.

reason to hire a dog walkerPersonalized Attention

Dogs want to be around their pack (human friends). Dog walkers will fill this void by providing your dog with one-on-one attention which keeps them engaged and breaks up the time they are left alone each day. Another benefit is it decreases the chance of separation anxiety.

reason to hire a dog walkerLess Destruction

Like humans, dogs can become bored when stuck inside all day. Dog walkers provide stimulation by taking for a walk to a nearby park around the neighborhood. Providing a walk can reduce the risk of behavioral problems such as excessive barking or destructive chewing which may occur when dogs are bored or restless.

reason to hire a dog walkerReduce Health Risks

By providing exercise on a regular basis, it helps keep Fido healthy. Regular exercise can lowers their risk of heart disease and arthritis as they get older because walking helps maintain flexible joints and strong muscles. Also, having a dog walker come to the home rather than dropping at a daycare ensures they aren’t exposed to diseases such as kennel cough, giardia and parvo.

reason to hire a dog walkerLess Accidents

Instead of cleaning up accidents or messes that may occur when your dog is anxious, you will come home to a dog who is tired and content thanks to his mid-day fresh air break where he burn off some energy. Eliminating this stressful step will give you the opportunity to bond with your dog immediately upon arriving home.

reason to hire a dog walkerNew Experiences

Socializing your dog is vital to owing a well-behaved dog. Dog walkers provide Fido with more occasions to interact and learn to behave around other dogs, people and new environments. Being exposed to these situations will help build his confidence.

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