Everett 98201 and Everett 98203 Testimonials

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Birdie and Boo, dog walking client, Everett 98201I’ve been a client since August 2016 and I love that all my walkers genuinely love my dogs. My first walker Kirsten realized my dog was having a medical issue from fairly subtle signs and called me right away. She even drove all the way to Lynnwood to deliver his stool (picked up during walk) to the doctors for analysis. My current walker Chase noticed my dog had gotten into the garbage and cleaned up the mess. I really appreciate the extra mile Tailored Pet Services goes for my dogs. Mandy, Dog Walking, Everett 98201

Bentley, dog walking client, Everett 98203I use Antigone at Tailored Pet Services for daily walking as well as boarding/home services. She and her team are awesome! Kay, Dog Walking, Everett 98203







Brin & Tuttle, dog walking client, Everett 98201When hiring a dog walker to visit your four legged friends, he/she should belong to an incredible group of people and I believe the person who walks my girls is one of those people. Chase recently helped me with a medical issue by returning to my house after my dogs were walked, helping me to the emergency room, staying with me until it was done, and taking me home. If a person who will go the extra mile to help a dog owner, what lengths will they go to help a beloved pet? My thanks to Chase. Jim, Dog Walking, Everett 98201

Chance, dog walking client, Everett 98203I have used Tailored Pet Services since August 2011 for my pet care needs and I can’t praise the service enough because I never have to worry about my pets or home. My walker Chase is excellent with my 90lb dog Chance who is not easy to control. Chase is super and Chance loves him! The Tailored Pet Services team is very detailed in caring for my furry babies and has a real concern for their safety and well-being. I highly recommend the team to care for your pets. Pat, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Charlie, dog walking client, Everett 98201Tailored Pet Services (TPS) has provided the exact services we were looking for when we moved to Everett: a reliable dog walker for the days we commute to Seattle or have weekend plans that keep us out all day and a loving home where we can board our pets when we are out of town. We feel like our pets are well cared for and loved by TPS sitters and we are happy to be supporting a local business in the time of app driven pet sitting services. Kelly, Dog Walking, Everett 98201

Charlie, dog walking client, Everett 98203Charlie always receives A+ care with Tailored Pet Services because his mood, wellness and health are always a top priority. Knowing Charlie receives time and attention while we are at work is a huge relief. Trena’s the best walker—Charlie’s favorite! He loves the adventures, affection and play time he gets. It is apparent in his smile when we return home. We also use TPS for vacation care and he runs inside eagerly and happily when we drop him off. They take care of Charlie as if he was their own, and go above and beyond by sending us plenty of texts to show he’s doing. Thanks TPS for all the love and care with him! Jacob, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Conner and Poppy, dog walking client, Everett 98203It’s a pleasure knowing and doing business with Tailored Pet Services. I learned of their services from a grooming client in February 2016. As all of us know, there is nothing better than a recommendation from someone you know who has experienced a service provided. I signed up for their daily dog walking service 3 times a week and my walker Trena comes to my grooming shop to take them. My dogs love their walks! I recommend them to all of my grooming clients. Joy-Everett 98203

Cooper & Chewy, dog walking client, Everett 98201On the days when Chase is walking my dogs, I have a peace of mind. Since hiring TPS, I’ve felt a sense of support knowing that Antigone and her crew are there for me when there are unexpected changes in my schedule or needs. I know I can count on them. Chase, my walker, is awesome. I believe he may love my dogs more than I and I fear Chewy and Cooper love him more than me! He is patient, caring, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Getting his notes and pics of my dogs are the highlight of my day. He’s the best! I had to move to Everett quickly, unexpectedly, and with much stress. Chase and Antigone helped make that move and adjustment so much better through their professional and personal care. Laura, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Emmy/Joni, dog walking client, Everett 98203The service we’ve gotten from Tailored Pet Services has been great. I appreciate that there is flexibility when it comes to scheduling and that you are able to come in the middle of the day for visits. Our dogs seem to love their visits and are always happy when we return home. Shana, Dog Walking, Everett 98203


Melody, dog walking client, Everett 98203TPS provides top care for my dogs. They are always more excited and happier when I get home after a visit. The team treats my home and dogs like their own. What I appreciate most about TPS: (1) they arrive on time or inform me if it will be earlier or later; (2) provide reports and pictures at time of the visit which bring me comfort and joy during the day; (3) respond quickly to my scheduling emails; and (4) whole team has a pleasant and accommodating attitude. Satisfied customer, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Kira, dog walking client, Everett 98203Beyond words, I had the best vacation I’ve ever had knowing Antigone was watching over my baby! I got text messages and pics everyday so I knew she was happy and loved! I didn’t have to worry the whole time I was away which made my visit with family’s great one. It was like my dog was on her own vacation! I tell everyone I know about what a great establishment Antigone runs, In fact I’m gonna be using her again real soon if she’s available. I totally recommend and trust Tailored Pet Services for my best friend! I won’t go if my dog can’t go lol! Thanks a million TPS! Keri, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Maggie, dog walking client, Everett 98203Tailored Pet Services was very flexible with our scheduling needs. They are very courteous and friendly and it is obvious they enjoy animals. When we were told, “they were here for Maggie/her needs” and she was their only job that night, I felt very reassured they would keep her company and pay attention to her. – Satisfied Client, Dog Walking, Everett 98203



Marlow clan, dog walking client, Everett 98201I’ve worked with the Tailored Pet Services team since January 2013 and they are great! Not only is my walker/overnight sitter Trena great with dogs of all ages/temperaments, she’s a hard worker and always so positive. Because all my dogs are seniors (I foster for Old Dog Haven); she uses her medical knowledge from being a vet tech for over 20 years to alert me to changes she sees in my dogs. I highly recommend her and the rest of the team to care for your pets. Dianne, Dog Walking, Everett 98201



Mocha, dog walking client, Everett 98201I’ve been a client since January 2018 and Mocha/I love your service. I know every day that Stephanie will show up to walk Mocha and give her lots of love. Also, I really appreciate that my walker brings delivery boxes into my house. Cindy, Everett





Tallee, dog walking client, Everett 98203We are long time clients of TPS (started in July 2012). We have been especially blessed since Trena joined the team. Trena is a very hard worker and goes above and beyond her duties (she even cleaned up a cat in the middle of our road that had been caught by a coyote. With Trena’s background as a vet tech, she has been able to help us head off a couple of pancreatitis attacks in our dog. She is also very good with Tallee and her anxiety issues. We highly recommend TPS. Neal, Everett


Rocky, dog walking client, Everett 98201I read the daily reports every day. They are great and provide excellent information. The team includes very friendly people from the office staff to the dog walkers. I appreciate that Amy calls me with any issues that I need to be aware of. Rocky is very happy with the care he receives from TPS. John, Dog Walking, Everett 98201



Sammie, dog walking client, Everett 98203It provides me with such peace of mind knowing that Francesca is checking in on Sammie when I am miles away at work. She takes Sammie on a quick walk, which makes Sammie so happy. Kristi, Dog Walking, Everett 98203




Snickers and Jack, dog walking client, Everett 98203Even though it has only been a week, my 2 dogs (Snickers and Jack) love the time spent with their walker, Chase. I invested in a professional dog walking company, TAILored Pet Services and do not regret the decision. I did this to burn off their excess energy; however, they come home with more than when they left which is a VERY GOOD thing. When they are like this, I know they are happy and love the attention given to them by Chase. Toby, Dog Walking, Everett 98203


Sophie/Jack, dog walking client, Everett 98203TPS is worth its weight in gold! I work 10 hours a day and my Jack is an older dog. To have your service come approximately in the middle of my shift, gives me a peace of mind so I don’t have to rush home to let my dogs out. The fact that Antigone has gone to the trouble of being licensed and bonded spoke volumes when I discovered her service. I highly recommend TPS! Debra, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Spock/Silver, dog walking client, Everett 98203I never worry about my boys receiving great care and know they look forward to the time they spend with Chase. They are crazy about him! Sandi, Dog Walking, Everett 98203






Petra, dog walking client, Everett 98203I’ve been a client since February 2017 and I love the great care shown for my dogs Petra/Melody and additional help in tidying up my home. What I appreciate most is the texts I receive at work with action shots of my girls playing and the detailed log of the day my girls had when I return home. I also appreciate the extra mile Chase takes to bring in garbage/recycling and locking the open side gates. Tailored Pet Services partners with me to show love to my girls which is invaluable. Anne Marie, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Charlie, dog walking client, Everett 98203We’ve been lucky clients of TPS for nearly 5 years. Whether walks or boarding services are required, TPS is always top notch. Charlie is truly loved and we couldn’t be happier. Knowing Charlie gets needed time and attention while we are at work is a huge relief. He loves the adventures, playtime and affection he gets. It is apparent in his smile when we return home. Meg, Dog Walking, Everett 98203

Dori, dog walking client, Everett 98203We are so lucky to have Antigone walking our dog Dori four times a week. Antigone was a life saver when I called her after my brother passed away unexpectedly. She came over and took care of things so I did not have to worry about that too! I highly recommend Antigone and her associates. Lani, Dog Walking, Everett 98203



Hank and Hannah, dog walking clients, Everett 98201We have had Antigone coming for a couple of months now to walk our two Great Danes three times a week. Not only is she compassionate and truly cares about animals but she is willing to work with a difficult customer (Hank one of our Danes doesn’t always take to new people and would never let someone in the house he doesn’t like) and she has gone above and beyond to make all of us feel comfortable. The best part is I come home to happy more balanced dogs who I can tell are not frantic when I get home like they used to be! Kelsie, Dog Walking, Everett 98201

Lenny, dog walking client, Everett 98203I feel very comfortable with Antigone taking care of my animals; I do not worry because I know they are in good hands. She is very detailed in taking care of them and has a real concern for their safety and well-being. I believe my dog Lenny was given excellent attention and truly appreciate the exercise he gets with her”. Pat, Dog Walking, Everett 98203


JJ, dog walking client, Everett 98203JJ is special-he has separation anxiety issues. Fortunately for us, we found TAILored Pet Services and Antigone. He no longer howls when we leave him as he knows his new friend will be by shortly to visit, take him for a walk and just sit and pet him. Wonder if he even misses us when we’re gone. Mary, Dog Walking, Everett 98203




Lilly and Abby, dog walking client, Everett 98201I was apprehensive about using a pet sitting service as I had always kenneled my dogs when I went out of town. I now will never use a kennel service again as Tailored Pet Service was amazing and provided services that I never imagined. What fun it was to read the daily visit reports upon my return and see that not only my pets enjoyed staying in their familiar surroundings, but knowing that my entire house was well looked after. Thank you Tailored Pet Services for caring for my animal companions as much as I do. Heidi, Dog Walking, Everett 98201

Petie and Gracie, dog walking client, Everett 98201I have used TAILored Pet Services for over two years and their services are outstanding. When I had an emergency trip overseas, beginning this year – Antigone took care of my dogs like her own!! She is a wonderful person and so is her husband. Yvonne, Dog Walking, Everett 98201





Ryder, dog walking client, Everett 98203Antigone has taken care of our dogs for a number of years now. She is very sensitive and connects with them—both young and old, active or settled. She takes great care of them and I would without hesitation, highly recommend her and her team to care for your pets!! Joel, Dog Walking, Everett 98203