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dog walk special for Edmonds 98026, Lynnwood 98087 and Mukilteo 98275 residents

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*Prices good for residents living in zip codes 98026, 98087 & 98275 with 1-2 dogs. If you live outside this area, visit our rates page to view our regular monthly dog walking packages.

Picture of a Puppy, Adult and Senior Dog

Why would your dogs benefit from a customized walk?

  • Puppies: They won’t be exposed to diseases that they have not been immunized for yet and we can practice commands being taught to them.
  • Adults: Shy, anxious, or fearful dogs can enjoy their walks without being upset by other dogs in the pack.
  • Seniors: They can set the pace so they don’t overtax their stiff joints.

Parents of canine furry children who use TAILored Pet Services’ Dog Walking Service:

(1) Work long hours but want their dog to receive a daily potty break.

(2) Physically unable to walk their dog every day due to a disability, injury or illness.

(3) Live busy lives or have other commitments so enjoy the convenience of a having a professional dog walker to let their dogs out when they can’t

Ready to book a dog walker for Fido? 

Still unsure about hiring a Dog Walker?  Many of our current customers asked the questions below:

Ready to Book Fido A Dog Walker? 

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