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 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Dog Walker

Does your dog wag their tail at the mere mention of a walk, but you struggle to fit it into your busy schedule, or dread battling the elements? At Tailored Pet Services LLC, we provide happy and healthy walks for pups of all personalities, rain or shine. Our dog walkers will unleash your pup’s inner explorer with energetic park runs, sniff-tastic adventures, and playful games, keeping them happy and healthy. your dog’s needs while you’re focused on work.

Tailored Adventures: Personalized Dog Walking

Happy and Healthy Pups:

  • Regular Bathroom Breaks: Avoid accidents and promote urinary tract health with mid-day potty breaks.
  • Exercise & Mental Stimulation: Fight boredom and keep your pup physically fit with daily walks.
  • Socialization: Our dog walkers promote healthy socialization through positive encounters with other dogs on walks or in public spaces.
  • Reduced Destructive Behavior: Burn off excess energy and prevent chewing, digging, or barking due to pent-up energy.
  • Trim Tails and Happy Trails: Consistent walks help your dog stay trim and fit, ensuring they can wag their tails with joy on every adventure.
  • Senior Dog Care: Provide assistance with walks for older dogs who may need a slower pace or more frequent breaks.
  • Puppy Training Reinforcement: Dog walkers can help maintain consistent potty training routines for young pups.


Peace of Mind for Busy Owners:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Get walks during work hours or on busy days, ensuring your dog’s needs are met.
  • Peace of Mind: Know your dog is being cared for by a professional, trained walker while you’re away.
  • Reduced Stress: Avoid rushing home after work just to walk your dog.
  • Unexpected Delays Covered: Dog walkers can provide backup if you get stuck at work or have an emergency.
  • Vacation Coverage: Enjoy your trip worry-free, knowing your dog has walks and bathroom breaks.
  • Last-Minute Walks Available: Get help with walks even on short notice, depending on the company’s availability.


More Than Just a Walk:

  • Professional and Insured Walkers: Dog walkers are trained and insured, offering peace of mind for your pet’s safety.
  • Tailored Walks for Every Pup: We design walks specifically for your dog’s breed, age, and energy level, ensuring a fun and safe experience for your furry friend.
  • Detailed Walk Reports: Receive updates on your dog’s walk, including behavior and any noteworthy observations.
  • Photos: Receive photos capturing your dog’s adventure.
  • Multi-Dog Family Walks: Enjoy the convenience and value of walking both your furry friends together at no extra charge. Our experienced walkers can handle multiple pups from the same household, ensuring a fun and safe walk for everyone
  • Convenient Apartment Living Solution: No need to rush outside for bathroom breaks, especially in bad weather.
  • Socialization for Shy Dogs: Dog walkers can introduce shy dogs to other dogs in a controlled environment.

Can’t Walk Your Dog? Here’s Why a Dog Walker Can Help

Life Gets Busy:

  • Long Work Hours: People with demanding work schedules may not have time for midday walks.
  • Frequent Business Travel: Disrupting regular dog walking routines becomes a thing of the past.
  • Limited Mobility: Those without a car or living in areas with limited walkable spaces can still provide their dog with exercise.
  • Unpredictable Schedules: Dog walkers can ensure your dog gets a walk even with erratic work hours or busy schedules.


Physical Limitations:

  • Age-Related Challenges: For elderly dog owners, walking may become difficult due to mobility issues, fatigue, or health concerns. Dog walkers can provide safe and appropriate exercise.
  • Pregnancy Considerations: Walking, especially during later trimesters, might become uncomfortable or unsafe for pregnant women. Dog walkers offer a helping hand.
  • Postpartum Recovery: New mothers may be physically restricted after childbirth, making dog walks challenging. Dog walkers can step in during this time.
  • Injuries: Temporary or permanent injuries can prevent dog walking. Dog walkers can provide continued care for your pup.
  • Disabilities: Physical limitations due to disabilities can make walking a dog difficult or impossible. Dog walkers can eliminate this obstacle.


Every Dog Has Its Quirks:

  • Behavioral Issues: Dogs with reactivity towards other dogs or people might make walks stressful. Dog walkers experienced in handling various behaviors can provide safe walks.
  • Fearful Dogs: Dogs with anxieties about going outside may resist walks altogether. Dog walkers can introduce fearful dogs to the outdoors in a gradual and controlled way.
  • New Puppy Vaccinations: Young puppies may not be fully vaccinated yet, limiting walks in public areas. Dog walkers can take your pup to private areas for walks until they are fully vaccinated.
  • Large or Powerful Breeds: Walking large or strong dogs can be physically demanding for some owners. Dog walkers with the strength and experience can handle these walks safely.

Work-From-Home Perks: Happy You, Happy Dog

Focus on Work, Not Fido:

  • Reduced Interruptions: A midday walk provides a dedicated break for your dog, minimizing distractions while you work from home. No more whimpering or begging for attention during important calls!
  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Separate dog walking time from your workday, creating a clearer boundary. This helps you stay focused while working and fully present during your walk time with your furry friend.
  • Enhanced Focus: A tired dog is a less demanding dog, allowing you to focus more on your tasks. A midday walk helps burn off energy, leading to a calmer and more content pup who won’t disrupt your workflow.


Keeping Your Pup Healthy & Happy:

  • Consistent Routine: Dog walkers provide a regular schedule for bathroom breaks and exercise, crucial for dog health, even for work-from-home pet parents.
  • Channel the Zoomies: Midday walks provide a healthy outlet for your dog’s built-up energy, ensuring they channel their inner zoomies into a fun and safe adventure.
  • Socialization Opportunities: Walks can incorporate positive reinforcement training techniques to encourage good behavior around other dogs. Even while working from home, your dog can enjoy social interaction that keeps them well-rounded.
  • Reduced Stress (for you and your dog!): Knowing your dog is getting exercise and mental stimulation can reduce stress for both of you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pup is happy and healthy, and your dog won’t be anxious from being cooped up all day.


Extra Benefits for the Work-From-Home Lifestyle:

  • Professional Care During Work Hours: Dog walkers can take care of your dog’s needs while you’re focused on work.
  • Unexpected Work Obligations Covered: Walks ensure your dog is cared for even if you have a sudden work call or meeting.
  • Quality Time Together on Your Walks: Walks you take yourself become more enjoyable bonding experiences for you and your dog, separate from work time.
  • Fresh Air Break: Seeing your dog taken for walk may inspire you to get some fresh air while you’re dog is on walk.
  • Convenient Apartment Living Solution: Dog walkers can take your dog out for bathroom breaks, eliminating the need for frequent trips outside, especially during busy work hours.

Let the Tail Wags Continue: Tailored Walks for Every Pup

Imagine a happy, tired pup greeting you at the door after a fun and fulfilling walk. Invest in your pup’s health and happiness with the gift of exercise and adventure. Visit our dog walking page to create a customized walking plan and experience the benefits of flexible scheduling, professional care, and peace of mind. Let us help your dog live their best life, full of wags and happy barks!