Antigone Killingstad – Owner

Antigone, Owner of Tailored Pet Services

If you are not familiar with the play by the same name, my name is pronounced “an-tig-uh-nee” or click here to listen to it pronounced on My name means “in place of a mother” in Greek which describes perfectly the reason I started TAILored Pet Services. I know pets are important family members and I wanted to provide a motherly substitute to the furry babies in my care.

Born and raised in Western Washington, my love for animals evolved at a young age. I began informally pet sitting for friends and neighbors at age 10 (34 years ago). Growing up, my house was always filled with dogs and walking them became part of the normal family routine!

I worked in the newspaper industry for ten years before deciding I wanted to help make a difference in the lives of others. In 2004, I began working with numerous local non-profit organizations: Providence Hospice & Home Care, Village Theatre, the Snohomish County Center for Battered Women (now named Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County), Housing Hope and Cocoon House. After 5 years of working with agencies helping homeless people, I realized I wanted to work with animals so I traded my slacks/loafers for jeans/sneakers and started a dog walking and pet services company. I continue to make a difference in my community by taking part in events to support animal welfare organizations like the Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett and NOAH.


In memory of Russell our first Director of Love and Fun-Russell was my 14 year old Akita/Chow mix (he passed on May 2, 2017). In December 2003, he was found half-starved wandering through my Dad’s property. My Dad and Step Mom nursed him back to health and gave him to us since they already had three dogs, three cats, three birds and two guinea pigs! Russell was everybody’s best friend. He loved being petted, taking walks, digging enormous holes in the backyard and napping on the love seat. Russell understood that unless clients particularly want extra socialization for their dog(s), he wasn’t invited to come on pet visits (just supervise from the back seat of my car).

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