9th anniversary special - free walks

Option 1

Earn eight free walks by creating a video testimonial that contains three parts:
(1) Start– speak about yourself and your needs
(2) Middle– explain what you liked about our service
(3) Ending– finish by explaining how your needs were satisfied by Tailored Pet Services
Here’s an example of a video that has these three parts: https://youtu.be/UxRsBwYoa6c

Option 2

Earn four free walks by creating a writing a testimonial that can be used for social media/website. See our testimonial page for examples

Option 3

Earn two free walks by posting this testimonial or something similar on Yelp (http://bit.ly/TPSYelp): “Tailored Pet Services is incredibly reliable and understanding of my dog’s needs. I’m so glad <DOG NAME> has a mid-day friend who cares for <HER/HIM> and I really appreciate the time taken to hear about <HER/HIS> day in the visit log (the occasional picture sent is awesome!).

Option 4

Earn one free walk by signing up by May 31, 2020.

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Who can benefit from a 45-min visit?

Picture of a Puppy, Adult and Senior Dog

  • Puppies: They won’t be exposed to diseases that they have not been immunized for yet and we can practice commands being taught to them.
  • Adults: Shy, anxious, or fearful dogs can enjoy their walks without being upset by other dogs in the pack.
  • Seniors: They can set the pace so they don’t overtax their stiff joints.

Parents of canine furry children who use TAILored Pet Services’ Dog Walking Service:

(1) Work long hours but want their dog to receive a daily potty break.

(2) Physically unable to walk their dog every day due to a disability, injury or illness.

(3) Seniors who are trying to avoid exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ready to book a dog walker for Fido? 

Still unsure about hiring a Dog Walker?  Many of our current customers asked the questions below:

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