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Winter Season Requires More Caution

Most dogs love being outdoors during winter season. They enjoy all the sights and sounds of the outside world and they are more than happy to explore together with you.

Even the winter cold is often not enough to keep dogs permanently indoors. They will still ask for regular walks because they want to check out what’s happening beyond your front door.

Going outside with your dog during the winter should be fine, but you must be more cautious. There are certain hazards you must watch out for if you want to keep your pet safe.

Don’t Walk on Any Frozen Bodies of Water

Whenever the winter season rolls around, you’ll often find small ponds and lakes freezing over. Upon spotting them, you may be tempted to start walking over the frozen water.

We understand the allure of doing that, but it’s also quite dangerous. While walking over the frozen surface, the ice could collapse under your weight. You and your puppy may fall into the freezing water below and it’s not hard to imagine how that could have a disastrous outcome.

Avoid taking on that unnecessary risk by simply staying on solid ground during your time outside.

Keep an Eye Out for Antifreeze

Many motorists rely on antifreeze to keep their cars in working order during the winter. Antifreeze protects engines from the extreme cold so it’s an important product to keep around.

Unfortunately, antifreeze may leak from cars sometimes. When it does, it tends to attract nearby animals. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can expect it to be drawn in by the smell of antifreeze.

It probably comes as no surprise that antifreeze is bad for pets. Any animal that consumes a considerable amount of antifreeze may experience kidney failure. According to this article from Washington State University, five tablespoons of antifreeze are already enough to kill a medium-sized dog.

Steer clear of any cars while you’re outside with your dog so they don’t come into contact with any antifreeze. If you use the substance yourself, make sure you store it properly inside your home.

Wipe Your Dog’s Feet When You Get Home

Dog care doesn’t end when you get home. There’s one more thing you must do to ensure your pet’s comfort.

After you get home, let your dog wait near the front door and go grab a towel. Use the towel to wipe down their feet and remove any clumps of snow that are stuck there.

Small clumps of snow that get trapped inside your pet’s paws can cause significant discomfort. They may also irritate your dog’s skin so get rid of them quickly.

The clumps of snow may even contain salt. If your dog licks that salty snow, they may develop an upset stomach and start pooping uncontrollably. You obviously don’t want that so take the time to wipe their paws down.

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