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Winter Season-Biggest Threat is Hypothermia

One of the biggest threats to your pet’s health during the winter season is hypothermia. Your pet cat or dog may suffer from hypothermia if they are exposed to the frigid winter temperatures for too long.

As hypothermia sets in, your pet’s body may start to shut down. Left unaddressed, hypothermia can even have fatal consequences.

Protect your precious pet against the threat of hypothermia by following the tips included in this article.

Watch Out for the Signs of Hypothermia in Dogs

We all want to protect our pets from hypothermia at all costs, but it’s still important to know a little something about that issue so you can respond to it properly. To be more specific, you must be able to recognize the signs that your dog is suffering from hypothermia so you can administer the treatment they need.

According to the American Kennel Club, common signs of hypothermia in dogs include paleness, rapid breathing, sluggishness, dilated pupils, and an irregular heart rate. A dog may also lose consciousness after being exposed to freezing cold temperatures for too long.

Be mindful of those signs especially when you’re out walking with your pet. As soon as you notice their demeanor start to change, hurry back inside and let them warm up.

Let Your Dog Keep Their Long Coat

Your dog needs all the warmth they can get during the winter. That’s especially important if they want to keep going outside.

Give your dog a better chance against the elements by keeping their coat long.

For the rest of the winter, you should avoid cutting your dog’s hair too much. At most, you just want to trim your pet’s coat so it is easier to manage.

Don’t take this to mean that you can just ignore your dog’s coat for the rest of the winter season. Instead, you just have to be more mindful of how you groom them. Along with some light trimming, you should continue brushing your dog’s coat to get rid of excess fur.

Maintain this adjusted approach to grooming throughout the winter so your pet can stay nice and warm.

Give Your Dog a Comfortable Resting Area

Finally, you can effectively keep your dog protected from the winter cold by giving them a warm place to sleep.

As much as possible, you should avoid letting your dog sleep outdoors because the nighttime temperatures can be tough on them. Allow them to sleep indoors where they can stay warm.

You should also check if your pet’s indoor sleeping area is suitably warm. Try staying there for a few minutes and check out the temperature. If you can get comfortable, then it should be warm enough for your dog too.

Giving your dog a bed and some blankets is also highly recommended.

The winter season can be tough on dogs, but you can make it more manageable by following the tips in this article. We at TAILored Pet Services can also help as we can watch over your dog while you head out to run errands. Schedule your pet sitting session today by either contacting us through website or calling/texting 425-923-7791.



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