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Walking Habits: Establishing Good Ones with Your Puppy

Walks are good for dogs of all ages. Going outside provides much-needed physical and mental stimulation. You can also ease your pet’s separation anxiety by taking them outside for a while.

Exploring outdoors with a trained dog is fairly easy. You can keep your pet in line using commands and prevent unwanted incidents. Things are different with puppies since they tend to be more unpredictable.

Teaching your puppy the right walking habits will ensure your trips outside are safe and uneventful. Learn how to teach your puppy those essential walking habits by continuing below!

Pick Out the Proper Walking Gear for Your Puppy

Before you can proceed to outdoor training, you need to pick up a few essential items first. More specifically, you’ll need to get a harness and leash.

Harnesses are recommended for puppies because they allow pet owners to exert more control. On top of that, a harness is easier on a puppy’s developing body. Your puppy is less likely to develop an injury because any force will be distributed throughout their body instead of concentrated on their neck.

When it comes to the leash, Purina recommends something that measures at least six feet. A leash of that length gives your puppy adequate freedom of movement without compromising your control.

Start putting the harness and leash on your puppy a few days before your first trip outside. Get them used to the feel of the harness and leash to ensure they are comfortable.

Begin Training Indoors or in Your Garden

There’s no need to rush into taking your puppy outside. You can introduce your puppy to walks while remaining on your property.

Put the harness and leash on your puppy, then go for walks around your home. You can also go for walks in your backyard or garden.

Try to go for these walks around the same time each day. Adopting that routine will get your dog used to daily walks. Once you go for a walk outside your property, the experience won’t be completely foreign to your pet. They should have a more tempered reaction as a result.

Use Treats for Training

The sights and sounds of the outside world can be overwhelming for puppies. With all those exciting stimuli around them, your puppy may not pay that much attention to you. You want to prevent that from happening because it can instill bad habits in your pet.

Hiring a trainer to maintain your puppy’s attention won’t be necessary. Using treats works just fine for this particular training opportunity.

Pull out a treat whenever your puppy starts to stray from your side. Keep doing that, and your puppy will grow used to walking alongside you instead of running ahead. They will stick by your side even if you don’t give them any treats.

Praising your puppy will also work if you’ve run out of treats.

Walking outside should be a fun experience for you and your puppy. Following the tips detailed above will guarantee that those walks will be wholly enjoyable!

Your puppy needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. If you don’t have the time to fit it into your schedule, TAILored Pet Services can help. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.




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