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Urine Marking Habit: What Are the Common Causes?

Your pet’s urine marking habit can be frustrating to deal with. The smell of urine may become a fixture in certain parts of your home because your dog is always marking them.

Resolving your dog’s urine marking sooner rather than later is a must. To do that, you must eliminate the causes encouraging that habit in the first place.

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight the common causes of urine marking in dogs and puppies. Keep them in mind so you can quickly determine the reason behind your pet’s recent bout of unusual urination.

Moving to a New Home Could Contribute to Urine Marking Habit

Environmental factors are among the most common causes of a urine marking habit. There is arguably no bigger environmental shift your pet will have to deal with than moving to a new home. Almost everything inside your new home will feel strange and unfamiliar to your pet. Don’t be surprised if they respond to the changes by urinating everywhere.

Give your pet some time to adjust to their new environment. After a while, the urine marking may naturally go away. If the problem persists, you may have to involve a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.

Adding a New Pet to Your Household

The urge to care for more animals is difficult for any pet lover to resist. Adding a puppy to your household can also benefit your adult dog. However, that may not seem like the case immediately.

Upon seeing the new puppy, your older pet may react by marking their favorite spots inside your home. They may even urinate on you in an attempt to push their perceived rival away. Before your pets can live in harmony, you must first take the necessary steps to bring them closer.

Try different socializing techniques to encourage bonding between your pets. Allow your pets to bond at their pace to prevent fights. Continue these dog training exercises until your pets feel comfortable around each other. The urine marking should stop after your pets have bonded.

Unknown Animals Lingering Around Your House

The new factors prompting your pet’s urine marking are not limited to your household. There may also be external factors triggering that annoying habit.

Check your house to see if stray dogs or cats are roaming your property. Your pet may have spotted those lingering animals a while back, and the marking is a response to their presence.

Adopting the stray animal roaming your property and introducing them to your pet is one way to resolve the issue. Of course, not everyone may have the resources necessary to care for more pets. If you cannot care for the stray yourself, call animal control so they can be rescued. Once rescued, the stray animal can be taken to a shelter where they may be adopted.

Developing Separation Anxiety

Dogs form very close bonds with their owners. A big part of the reason why so many of us are fond of dogs is because of the unconditional love they consistently provide.

In some cases, a pet dog’s bond with their owner is so strong that the former cannot handle being left alone. They suffer from a bout of separation anxiety whenever they are left alone.

The ASPCA notes that separation anxiety is a potential trigger of urine marking. Separation anxiety likely triggers your pet’s urine marking if it only occurs when you aren’t home. Other symptoms of separation anxiety include incessant barking, destructive behavior, and escape attempts. You must address separation anxiety as soon as possible because a dog suffering from it is highly susceptible to accidents.

Adequate dog training is the key to resolving your dog’s separation anxiety. Teach your pet to remain calm while they’re home alone with the help of treats and toys. Don’t hesitate to contact an animal behaviorist if your dog’s separation anxiety despite your best efforts to get rid of it.

Dogs typically engage in urine marking because their living situation has significantly changed. Identify the exact cause of your dog’s marking and take the necessary steps to address it.

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