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Rainstorm Aversion: How to Resolve Your Dog’s – Part Two

Rainstorm aversion doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture of your dog’s behavior. If you want to take walks with them in the rain, you can take meaningful steps to make that happen.

We highlighted training tips and other habits you can form to make your dog more receptive to rain in our November 8th article. This time around, we’re going to focus on the items you can purchase to increase the chances of those training sessions succeeding. Check them out below and consider picking them up during your next trip to the pet store.

Dog Boots

You want your dog to get used to rainy weather, but you’d prefer if they remained safe and comfortable amidst those conditions. Otherwise, your pet could slip and fall on a rain-soaked sidewalk and sustain a significant injury. Prevent those accidental falls by picking up some dog boots.

Dog boots can protect paw pads from the cold and wet as well as the random bits of debris that end up on the ground when it’s raining. They also prevent slippage and other accidents.

It’s easy to understand why your dog or puppy can benefit from wearing boots. However, finding the right pair for them is not so simple. Even identifying the right size for your dog’s boots can be tricky because that measurement can be inconsistent. You should consult a pet store or groomer before buying the boots to get an idea of which are best for your pet.

According to this article from The New York Times, flexibility is also a key consideration for dog boots. Flexibility matters because it directly affects your pet’s walking experience.

Other factors to consider when choosing dog boots include durability, ease of use, and traction. Consider all of these while looking for dog boots, and you should end up with the right set.

Dog Raincoats During Rainstorm

Next, let’s discuss the idea of buying a raincoat for your dog. With a raincoat on, your pet will enjoy nearly complete protection from the rain.

The main issue with getting your dog a raincoat is the possibility they won’t like it. That can happen with boots as well. The experience of wearing any clothing may be something your pet initially dislikes more than the rain. Short “test runs” (wearing the raincoat first then adding the boots) during which you give LOTS of praise as your dog gradually walks without trying to remove them are best.

If your dog is already comfortable wearing clothing, consider buying a raincoat for them that’s made from Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex offers the ideal combination of comfort and stability for dogs.

New Umbrellas

What can you do if your dog is not interested in wearing a raincoat? In that case, you can get an umbrella instead. Buy an umbrella that can comfortably accommodate you and your pet. There are even umbrellas available that attach to your dog’s leash just above their heads.

The combination of an umbrella and dog boots may be perfect to keep your pet comfortable in the rain

Rainstorms don’t have to be uncomfortable for your pet. Make rainy days more enjoyable for your beloved pet by picking up the items we highlighted in this article!

TAILored Pet Services can walk your pup while you’re at work. On rainy days, we’ll put on the rain coat/boots provided before walk and dry them off upon return. If your dog doesn’t like the rain, we minimize time outside so we have more time for play indoors. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.




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