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Raindrops: Alternative Potty Options to Consider if Your Dog Dislikes Them

The call of nature can be unpredictable such as raindrops falling from the sky (normal occurrence in Washington State). It can strike your pet at inconvenient times for you. If your pet doesn’t like heading outside when it’s raining, they may resort to answering the call of nature inside your home. Even an expert trainer will have a tough time preventing an accident in that scenario.

Thankfully, you have alternative potty options to consider if your pet refuses to go outside when it’s raining. We’ve detailed two great options for you in this article. Consider them while you attempt to resolve your pet’s aversion to rain.

Reserve the Bathroom for Your Dog When It’s Raining

The first alternative potty option you should offer your pet when it’s raining involves your bathroom. It could be your bathroom or a guest bathroom. Just make sure a bathroom is available when your pet needs to urinate or defecate when it’s raining outside.

Why is the bathroom a good space for your dog or puppy if they need to heed the call of nature? The bathroom works because it provides a controlled environment for your pet. You can put down potty pads for them to use and the sounds of rain and thunder are less audible in there, so your pet can relax and do their business.

Giving your pet the bathroom also makes sense from a practical standpoint. It’s easier to clean up a surface that is non-absorbent and not easily damaged by cleaning.

According to PetMD, you can also dissuade your dog from returning to the bathroom to poop or urinate when it’s not raining by using an enzymatic cleaner. Always keep enzymatic cleaner on hand, so you’re ready for cleaning pet messes.

Build a Covered Potty Area for Your Dog to Avoid Raindrops

If you only have one bathroom at home, you probably don’t want your dog occupying it whenever it’s rainy. In that case, the ideal solution would be to create a new outdoor area that your pet can use for urinating or pooping, even in rainy conditions.

An unused shed or greenhouse could be an alternative potty area for your pet. Make sure it has lighting so you can see inside and avoid the waste left behind by your dog.

You could also use potty pads inside the shed or greenhouse. By placing them inside, you can avoid a potential slip-and-fall accident from stepping on a urine-soaked part of the floor. It will take some practice, but your dog should be able to get used to the potty pads.

Aside from an unused shed or greenhouse, you can turn part of a covered patio or any other covered structure into your pet’s temporary bathroom. Just be sure it is one that is close to your home so your pet can access it easily.

Potty time shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal for you and your pet because of raindrops falling on their head. Offer the alternative options detailed in this article to your pet and make going potty easy for them regardless of the weather.

Need help walking your pup while you’re at work? TAILored Pet Services can help! If your dog doesn’t like the rain, we’ll try to find a sheltered spot so he/she can go potty or you can direct us to a covered area on your property. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.



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